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Ragnarök Festival Tour 2008

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Z 7 
Datum / Date14.10.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Ragnarök_2008 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 

Full drinking horns, sharpened battle axes and swords, limbs sparsely covered with fur, long hair and beard fluttering in the wind - we are going to the final combat, Ragnarök Tour is calling the Creme de la Creme of Viking Metal into war, right onto the stage of Z 7 with a battle cry.

The Vikings from Portugal open the festival. It might be proved that Norse men had expanded their realm even that far South, but it had not such a big influence on the music of Gwydion . Viking Metal isn´t quite the right definition, they sing of Vikings and their conquests, but it´s rather Sinfonic Metal, with some battle noise. Still those guys are great, the vocals could be heavier, but not everybody can be a Norhtern warrior.

So this is the real deal, also in terms of ancestors, and you can easily hear that. Because of Danish lyrics and this Twinfistle this band is something special. Their songs deal with battles, beer and beautiful women. Singer Claus even carries an axe on stage. Well, his version of a battle looks like this: 200 Metalheads bang their heads and beards.

Those Pirates are next with their Pirate Metal which they pull off successfully since their founding year 2004. Singer Chris plays keyboard and runs around on stage, performing songs about the sea. Those guys can easily identified as Scots, with their positive attitude and their Kilts. One thing left to say: Joho Pirates Joho.

From Austria, founded in 1994 and named after an Austrian village, the band enters the stage with Symphonic-Dark-Metal mixed with classic, Folk, church music, Gregorian choirs, Opera and growls. The music itself is not bad, but the vocals of Martin Schirenc live don´t sound that convincing. That certain something is missing, which enchants you and transfers you into another state of mind. But for that those Faroese guys.

Just like the island itself, beautiful and fascinating, are also those Faroese Metal gods Tyr. They turn back time, and you find yourself in an era of men who battle a rough sea, courageous and instoppable. An era with gods, beasts and monsters, the world or Norse Saga. With english and Faroese lyrics you are bewitched by Heri Joensen and incredible good music. If he was the hero of a Wiking novel, he would be described like this: After the battle his well-formed body is coated in sweat, sturdy and beautiful like a willow in the mist, right at the moment when the first beams of sunlight glister in the morning dew gathering on the leaves.
Check the photo gallery here!

This is how music should be, you forget all every day sorrow and get some more room in your head for phantasies and dreams. They release us with some encores, and we continue dreaming, hoping that they will soon call us back to battle at Ragnarök Tour.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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