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Mama Trash Fest II: Private Line / Dope Stars Inc. / Mortiis / Stereo Junks! / Iconcrash etc.

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web www.mamatrash.com
Gloria Club 
Datum / Date19.-21.03.2009  
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie MamaTrashII_2009 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer, Julia Sheremetyeva 

For the second time the US-Promotion Queen Mama Trash aka Jo Sheldon came to Finland in person to organize her Trash Fest. After the official debut last year (there was an unofficial Trash Party in 2007) we are again taking part.

New this year is the Kickoff Party the day before in Semifinal Club, which turned into traditional Finnish Sauna. At 8 pm the small club was packed, and besides fans you could also spot band members of those acts that would be on the big stage the coming 2 days. Some had difficulties to adjust to the cold climate - in Finland it had -7 degrees, so many preferred inside the club, although in Finnish clubs smoking has been prohibited for a long time. Cold Cold Ground opened with a Mr. Bunny entertained with rabbit costume and steely body. In between Alex of Sexydeath acted as DJ. Then Sonic Roots with singer Henry in The Crow Outfit entered the stage, after that the German-Italian Hellfire Society guys with Fronter David appeared like aliens from outer space with their contact lenses.

Friday 20.03.2009
After a couple of interviews in the afternoon - some of them can be found in the 7 deadly sins section - the first band enters stage already at 20.00 h. In the entrance hall many Mama Trash Family artists had gathered, e.g. Big Boy and The 69 Eyes. One of the special things aobut the Trash Fest is the fact that every band has 1 h time to present their sound.

New Generation Superstars
Presented by the laid-back David of the Hellfire Society, the Host of this year´s Trash Fest, the New Generation Superstars from England take the stage, and they were perfect to get the spirits high right from the start. Their typical Brit-Rock’n’Roll got the crowd going.

Violent Divine
The next act comes from Sweden and was already part of the Festival last year. Since then they had gathered many more Finnish fans who stood in front of the stage and gave everything to support their band. And those guys thanked with perfect sound (an interview with that band soon to be found here).

Dope Stars Inc.
What a fuzz, and only because of an Italian band in Finland. Just like at last Trash-Fest, so many female hearts were made to beat faster. For most people the Dope Stars were the highlight of this evening. With their electronic sound they invited to dance. The band has some trademarks, e.g. the Italian accent of singer Victor Love.

The Swiss band had some difficulties that night, being totally unknown in Finland, and the hall was only half full, because after the Dope Stars show people´s attention was drawn to other things. Despite some technical difficulties the guys gave everything to convice people, and they pulled it off. The trademark of this band are the diverse vocals, as singer Mikki can growl and sing clean, which expresses the feeling of their lyrics pretty well.

Mama Trash was excited about this band and gave them the Golden Trash Award, and this is what counts. So perhaps Stoneman will be part of the party also next year.

Private Line
Probably the band with highest dance potential. Their happy sound was perfect to round up the evening. With some new and much heavier songs they surprised their fans who could still sing along with almost every chorus. It is always fun to see this likeable act live on stage. And in front of it this time people from all over the world, hardly any Finns: Germans, Russians, Brits or Swiss, all were rocking with Private Line. After that it was time for socialisation, until 3.30 h when the security kicked the last guests out.

Saturday 21.03.2009
Typical festival scenario, after 2 days of partying some people don´t look that well any more. Besides hysteric fans the security had also problems with passed-out people, but still there were plenty of highlights that night.

Amy’s Ashes
This act from was not quite fitting into the rest of the bands, but their tender sound was a nice contrast and they gently woke up the tired crowd.

are also from Sweden and are not a glam band, but much heavier and harder than the rest of the program on this weekend. The rough voice of singer Chris is a feature that makes their sound interesting. A good combination of growls and clean vocals creates this special feeling.

Stereo Junks!
Those guys have fire in their asses. Mama Trash has the same opinion and put them again on the Trash Fest stage. Singer Anzi Destruction powerfully rocks the stage with his guys and inspires the audience with his energy. The band seems to have found the perfect line-up with the Spanish guitar player Charly B an der Gitarre and Bass player Sohei from Japan. If you want to know more of the band, check our interview section, and more photos can be found in the gallery (link above).

was part of the festival also last year, and this time singer Jaani impresses with interesting hair do. This Finnish band convinces with a very melancholic sound, combined with Jaanis distinctive high voice. The good mood suffered a bit, but the band proved with 2 new songs that they have more good stuff coming up.

is a new member in the Trash Family, and many have been waiting for this band, expectations are high. The Norwegians open with „Decadent & Desparate“,. and unfortunately this was the only fast song on their set list, they rather focus on the slower and less electronic sound. Also their new drummer Joe Letz is not here with them in Helsinki. still Mortiis captures and convinces the major part of the audience with his sound, and he even tries to cool the crowd by throwing water bottles into the audience. Despite focusing on less known songs, this band is the festival highlight, and this is why they also received a Golden Trash Award. (More photos in the photogallery, link above!)

Mama Trash All Star Band
The Trash Fest was rounded up by the traditional All Star Band that missed out big star Jyrki69 this year. The rest of the line-up consisted of different Mama Trash Family band members who played Hard Rock Hits together. Stereo Junks singer Anzi Destruction was the main singer, performing together with Hellfire Society members. Then the whole Trashfamily entered the stage to thank the guests for coming. (MS)

Summary: Once again it was THE party of the year where every rocker just had to attend. The organization and the welcoming spirit of Mama Trash and her Crew are exceptional. We want to thank Mama Trash & Crew here, with them the best and hope to be part of the party also next year.
And: You can find the interview with Mama Trash we did last year here!

Sandy Mahrer, Marina Sidyakina (MS), transl. K. Weber

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