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MagicCircleFestival 2009

Stadt / City Sankt Goarshausen 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.magiccirclefestival.com
Datum / Date17.+18.07.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Manowar_2009 
Photos: Guido Wegener, Markus Seibel 

Two STALKERs report their impressions here:

“They can´t stop us, let them try, for heavy metal come to Loreley in July”.
With those words Manowar Boss and MagicCircleMusic co-founder Joey DeMaio announced that the MagicCircleFestival 2009 will take place at the beautiful Loreley at Rhein river.

On Friday at 12 h the opening of the camping ground with Mr. Metal (Udo Sapper) provided the first highlight for about 10.000 Fans, besides various activities and the show of the AC/DC Coverband Heat Seekers from Norway. Here some examples of the Kickoff Party schedule: opening ceremony with MANOWAR & Wolfgang Hohlbein, MANOWAR signing session & Quiz, arm wrestling, Q & A concerning Asgard Saga (with MANOWAR & Wolfgang
Hohlbein), Miss MANOWAR Contest and Fire-Eating Girl Show. Who participated at Ultimate Fan Package had also a Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Experience plus Barbeque with the band and a chance to take plenty of photos. (GW)

Saturday was dedicated to the Magic Circle of Metal music, Markus Seibel reports in detail:

Well, because the others liked my BANG-YOUR- HEAD REVIEW(and I swear I did not beef at all) I decided to make the Magic-Circle-Festival-Review as well. The festival is on 18th July in St Goarshausen. It is not sold out, maybe because the festival starts on Saturday.

DIE SKLAVEN startet their show accurately. In consideration of the early our there were lots of people who 45 minutes listened to the hard sound of the German. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

The first surprise were AGE OF EVIL. I had the fear to be confronted with soft poser-music. Well, they pose definitively in a typical American Trash way. But with a kind of profession that almost blew me away. It was not only the sound but also the performance, which has been powerful right from the beginning. The audience thanked with lots of people coming to the stage. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

More photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!
All became more agile. The area was almost filled and the curtains went up for CRYSTAL VIPER who had a lot of fans to rely on. The ecstasy of the audience I could not join. It was surely a good performance but not the kind of music I like. Singer Marta was the last to enjoy me. Furthermore I have never been a great CV fan!

Then it was time for a big fat red sausage. No, I do not mean an old member of the red party, nut the meat from barbecue with some mustard. This is tasty without any Nobel-Prize.

WIZARD. I do not like them on the record. I do not like them live. The blend of all kinds of music (Trash Metal, Power Metal, Metal) is nothing for me, although I heard someone say it was great (greetings to Dresden). Well, I enjoyed it just to sit on the grass and to drink some beer. If the band would have played a bit more silent, I had had less problems with talking. But you cannot always get what you want. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

JACK STARR‘S BURNING STARR kicked-ass and managed it to bring lots of people to the stage, despite the fact that it was really hot. All in all the Jack-Starr-Heavy-Metal is something really heavy. Really low and mixed up with some grooves. The grooves seemed to please the audience most of all. the Todd Hall transformed into a giant monsterwalk that slowly circled around. Sometimes a solo finds its way so all in all it was a good show. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

VAN CANTO, the German A-Cappella-Metal-Band had the best weather and also the best audience. The catchy songs gave the evening at least a good turn. Always there was motion on stage so it was an event to see the guys and the girl there. Pretty cool was also their METALLICA-Cover “Battery. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

METALFORCE increased the speed level again – heavy, you know. More I could not see because I had to go to a silent room… Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

Attention, please! The biggest hulk in the Metal scene is coming to sing on this warm sunny day about pain and suffering…you are fooled! Singer Nocolai Rubnow and his two fellows did not choose the way of sadness. The Germans rather played a high speed performance of their powerful compositions, club-gigs are the area for darkness. Today the reign of head banging is taking dawn with a big smile on its face because of the funny comments. Remarkable is the catchy tune of their new songs, because the song- structure is sometimes quite complex. Here DOMAIN stood as one at the stage. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

More photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!
Instead of chocolate for the children and some stardust, HOLY HELL gave us a Metal-Show par excellence. For most of the people surely one of the top acts at the festival. Their 60 minutes started accurately at 19:05. With a good sound and enjoyed by the audience, the American played a best-of their albums. In front of the stage hell opened its gates…really a good show.

ULYTAU brought us folk rock from Kazakhstan which did not sound good but rather boring. The band had the focus more on the looks than on the music. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

KINGDOM COME convinced us of their poetic Power Metal. The four from Hamburg fascinated all the people. Not just visually but also musically they took us into higher spheres. You can speculate about the sometimes thin voice of the front man, singing straight from his heart. I am sure it was because of the technique. The songs were complex and full of ideas without being overloaded. All that was left was an emotional atmosphere that slipped away deferred. It is hard to make a break while such a show. Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

More photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!
This has to wait until midnight, because MANOWAR are the next band. Finally my question will be answered. i wondered if they can headline a festival where most of the people would prefer skateboarding to plunder.
But it was a surprise for me that the place in front of the stage was filled completely. With a theatric intro and some backstage live pictures the crowd was heated. This was not needed because of the temperature but it is always better to be on the safe side.
The mood is at the highest point. Who could ever think that the MAGIC-CIRCLE-FESTIVAL- Crowd would make such a show for MANOWAR? Every song has been sung along, every riff has been celebrated. Every solo has been played along from you at your coaster. Hot pyros transformed the stage into a boiling pot where is no escape from. Such a damn cool show!! (MS)

Photos in the Manowar_2009 gallery, link above!

Back to reporter Guido Wegener:
Saturday was dedicated to the Magic Circle of Metal music, offering an impressive Lineup with Headliners MANOWAR, who played yet unreleased songs from their upcoming album „Hammer Of The Gods“ .
1. Manowar
2. Blood of my enemies
3. Hand of doom
4. Brothers of metal
5. Call to arms
6. Heart of steel
7. Sleipnir
8. Loki God of Fire
9. Kings of metal
10. The gods made heavy metal
11. Fast taker
12. Warriors of the world united
13. Kill with power
14. Hail and kill
15. Thunder in the sky
16. Let the gods decide
17. Father
18. Die with honour
19. God or man
20. The Crown and the Ring

Basically Manowar should have been playing 22:30 - 1:00 h, like 2,5 hours. Yet they started playing at 22:50 h and finished by 0:45 h, so half an hour of their announced playing time was missing. The year before they had played 3 hours, so everybody hoped for even more this year, for several reasons: a) only one evening b) same price for only one and not 3 days. Perhaps the reason was Joey Di Maio, who displayed a blood-shot eye even on Friday morning, which caused a short hospital visit later. But anyway, the show featured a powerful vocal performance of Eric Adams, who caused some amusement when he was slightly off during "KINGS OF METAL" !!!! His comment: "Hey...that´s live" ... very cool !!!

But not only Manowar presented new stuff, also Holyhell with their female singer Maria Breon, and MetalForce, Jack Starr´s Burning Starr and several other bands played yet unreleased songs. A full program including a lot of highlights, an event in a unique surrounding!

This year the ´Asgard Saga´ was presented and brought to life on stage for the first time, at Magic Circle Festival. The resulting book by Wolfgang Hohlbein paired with the music of MANOWAR is the result of a unique cooperation between the Kings Of Metal and Germany´s Bestseller Fantasy Author. During Q&A it was explained that Hohlbein wrote his texts according to Manowar lyrics, but it worked also the other way round, Hohlbein and Joey are in close contact via E-Mail,Skype,etc and give each other lyrical feedback. During this Q&A also a short public reading took place of those texts that will be published in the Thunder In The Sky -EP Booklet; and those won´t be part of the book as they feature only short excerpts of the story there.

Manowar´s video director Neil Johnson carries Julia Ernst( her nickname is little Manowar)
Fans were excited about the new EP ´Thunder in the Sky´ songs and the short appearance of Wolfgang Hohlbein on saturday who was expressing his thanks to the audience. Wolfgang Hohlbein´s new trilogy tells a saga of fate, betrayal and the challenges that a man has to face when drawn into the battle between good and evil. The first part of ASGARD SAGA will be released in spring 2010. Already in 2009 the new MANOWAR Album ´HAMMER OF THE GODS´ will be released, the EP ´THUNDER IN THE SKY´ - available since July 2009 - gives a little impression. Part of this EP: a 50-page booklet where Wolfgang Hohlbein gives a lyrical preview of his related ASGARD SAGA in German and English.

Running Order Magic Circle Festival 2009
12:00 bis 12:30 Die Sklaven (Germany)
12:45 bis 13:15 Age Of Evil (USA)
13:30 bis 14:00 Crystal Viper (Poland)
14:15 bis 14:45 Wizard (Germany)
15:05 bis 15:35 Jack Starr´s Burning Starr (USA)
15:55 bis 16:30 Van Canto (Germany)
16:50 bis 17:40 Metalforce (Germany)
18:00 bis 18:45 Domain (Germany)
19:05 bis 20:00 HolyHell (USA)
20:20 bis 20:50 Ulytau (Kazakhstan)
21:20 bis 22:10 Kingdom Come (Germany)
22:50 bis 00:45 MANOWAR (USA)

The author and Wolfgang Hohlbein

More photos: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=23920961&albumId=2448480

Guido Wegener, Markus Seibel

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