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Hellcityfest 2009: Bloodpit / Hellcity Punks / Incredible Nothing / Vanity Ink / Dirty Licks

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web nk.hel.fi/gloria
Gloria Club 
Datum / Date26.09.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Hellcityfest_2009 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 

When in Hellcity, Finland, or more specifically in Gloria Club, another Hellcityfest takes place with some well known and some less well-known bands, who stand for dirty RockīnīRoll, takes place, surely STALKER has to be there, too...

Dirty Licks
More photos in the gallery, link above!
came on stage with a bit of a delay and had the difficult task to warm up a not yet big audience. But this offered also a chance for a family-like atmosphere and to react to comments from fans. Visually rather like Sunrise Avenue, acoustically rather like Hanoi Rocks with a touch of Punk, Dirty (drums), Twisty, Nestori (git), Siggy (bass) and singer Arthur entertained with material of their debut CD "Too little too late". The hyperactive Arthur could be photographed only when seated for the performance of 2 romantic acoustic ballads...

Vanity Ink
More photos in the gallery, link above!
What followed next was beasts unleashed, or something. I had seen this band before, but this time they had besides their kick-ass RockīnīRoll, in-your-face attitude and energetic show also a clear sound. Moreover, they celebrated the release of the brand new second album "More Senseless Random Behaviour". In other words, a perfect gig, for band and the audience as well. Front lady Annabella impressed with her snotty rock voice and her outfits, and she might have been the most photographed person of this evening, at least by those male visitors. A chorus like "I love to say fuck" was lot of fun as well, and the KISS Cover "Heavenīs on Fire" as encore rounded up this crazy rock party.

Incredible Nothing
More photos in the gallery, link above!
had not quite made it to my radar yet, but they definitely made it at once to my "keep an eye on" list!. INC had a rather more sophisticated sound, nothing like this rude Indie-RockīnīRoll gang. A good dose of melancholy and poetry, but still with this rough Metal Punch and lotsa live energy. Singer and guitarist Jukka Åkerman has a nice rough voice and a lot of charisma. And somehow I felt reminded of my Austrian friends MELY, maybe those two bands should be touring together... INC had already a "full house" and definitely deserved this enthusiastic cheering.

Hellcity Punks
More photos in the gallery, link above!
The party seemed to be on its peak when Janze (voc), Hooligan (git) and Dennis (drums) entered the stage. The co-organizers of this festival and former STALKER Fresh Act had recently parted ways with basser Johnny and surprised with 2 new (permanent?) members, that means also a second guitarist. And those two seemed to be a natural part of the band already, it seemed that they had a lot of fun on stage. The tight show inspired the audience, even on the balcony people were dancing. Besides their classics "My Show" or "White Trash Gone Wild" they also performed the new song "Generation Dead", to be heard now on Myspace. However, the demands for an encore were not to be fulfilled, as the schedule was getting tight...

More photos in the gallery, link above!
How many had been waiting for this particular act became clear with all the girls screeching, when the guys entered stage long after midnight. Sure, Bloodpit had not been playing live very often recently, now they are touring Finland, with a new line-up. After singer Matthau had left, they added another guitarist, Pietu Hiltunen, and thus re-enforced, they captured the audience right away. In terms of charisma, live action and voice the new singer Antti Ravin doesnīt have to hide in his predecessorīs shadow. The setlist naturally focused on the new material of their CD "The Last Day Before The First" but also contained classics like "Sanctuary".

However, some seemed too exhausted already, or they had to leave sooner in order to catch a bus - just like me, hence people began to leave the venue... therefore the delay in the schedule was bad for both sides... Still, the summary is a very positive one, and letīs hope for another Hellcityfest next year!


Klaudia Weber

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