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Summer Breeze 2010 - part 3

Stadt / City Dinkelsbühl 
Land / Country Deutschland / Germany 
Web www.summer-breeze.de
Aeroclub Dinkelsbühl 
Datum / Date18.-21.08.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie breeze10 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

Saturday, 21.08.2010
Somehow it didn´t really work with my plan to be in front of the Painstage at 11 this morning, to catch the very first gig of Be´Lakor outside Australia. Thus I had to live with the fact, that I could only hear them on the campingplace. However, it was great to hear, that the audience had gathered in a respektable number for that early time to be woken up with "Sun´s Delusion" and "Neither Shape Nor Shadow". Sometimes even the less well-known bands manage to attract a bigger following. Let´s hope they managed to win lots of new fans with their gig, they surely deserve it!
Sun’s Delusion, Neither Shape Nor Shadow, Tre’aste, From Scythe To Sceptre

After that it was time for Van Canto, who really proved to be shooting stars with their Rakataka-Acapella Metal. So it wasn´t that amazing, that the place in front of the stage was damn packed already, when they started with "Lost Forever". Sure, there were lots of fans, but most probably also lots of people, who still hadn´t seen them live and simply wanted to see, how Metal without any instruments, (ok, there is one instrument: drums) can work, especially in the metalgenre. They managed to ignite a spark pretty fast and at the latest during "Fear Of The Dark" the choir had grown immensly, loads of people were singing along. One thing is for sure, Van Canto definitely set the bar high for the following bands, who really had to play a great gig to compete!
Lost Forever, Metal Song, Rebellion, One To Ten, Bard’s Song, The Mission/ Master Of Puppets, Fear Of The Dark

In the meanwhile, there was a goody waiting on the partystage, while the sun was burning outside.

Hacride surely didn´t have it easy with their quite complex soundmaterial, however, they were playing as if their lives were at stake. Compared to the fans they hadn´t been hanging around at the festival for the fourth day already, so they had more than enough energy to deliver a great performance. Too bad, that the audience didn´t soak up this energy and go a bit more crazy. Nevertheless a great gig!

After that, it didn´t look much better, when it comes to audience in action. Even though a lot more people had gathered in front of the mainstage, the crowd didn´t seem to enthusiastic (whereas it had gone completely nuts during the Eisbrecher gig before) - apart from the die-hard fans in the front rows of course. Well, one excuse might´ve been, that it was still pretty hot and the sun was burning those, who were standing in fron of stage. But hey, Poisonblack knew how to handle this and presented their Gothic Metal in a pretty good mood. A lot of people will never stop to compare this band to Sentenced and will thus say, that it will never reach them, however, instead of complaining about that, what about being happy that Ville Laihiala is still entertaining us with his pretty unique rough voice? Because there´s surely nothing complain about his vocal quality in songs like "Leech", "Nothing Else Remains" or "Rush".
Casket Case, Leech, Nothing Else Remains, Love Infernal, Soul In Flames, Left Behind, Rush, Buried Alive, Bear The Cross

What about more heavy and complex stuff on the tentstage? It was about time for Solstafir from Iceland, who surely don´t play that often over here. They unfortunately only had 30 minutes to present their idiosyncratic mix of Psychedelic Rock/Metal, which led to a very short, the shortest setlist of tue whole festival to be exact: It consisted of only two songs. Starting with "Köld", the second song was the fantastic "Ritual Of Fire", which is abtut 20 minutes long. What a pitty, that even such a rare guest, only gets such a short playing time, especially when the songmaterial is that interesting. This or that way, fans really enjoyed this interesting sound experience, which allowed them to dive into different spheres for a while, just like tue band, who didn´t even seem to recognize anything around them.
Köld, Ritual Of Fire

And now for something completely different: Sepultura from Brasil were up next and they to be everywhere this summer! For me at least it was already the 5th gig. As always the crowd was going off the rails, which was impossible to not do with those impellent rhythms. The audience was in high spirits and at the latest when the first riffs of "Roots Bloody Roots" were being played at the end, it had reached its climax. Happy faces on and off stage. Finally, the audience seemed to be awake again!
Intro (A-LEX IV), Moloko Mesto, Alex I, Arise, Refuse/Resist, What I Do, Convicted In Life, The Treatment, Troops Of Doom, Schizophrenia / Escape To The Void, Territory, Innerself, Rattamahata, Roots Bloody Roots

And the party continued with Korpiklaani, who were singing about Vodka, beer and Co and with "Vodka" they started the party and kept the audience going. A sure thing, that the first rows didn´t have to be asked to dance and party and after a while, this good mood music also "infected" those further in the back.
Vodka, Journey Man, Korpiklaani, Cottages & Saunas, Kipumylly, Tuli Kokko, Viima, Juodaan Viinaa, Pellonpekko, Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä, Crows Bring The Spring, Pinewoods, Wooden Pints, Happy Little Boozer, Beer Beer, Let’s Drink

Now it was the time for the not that suprising anymore surprise act. Everyone, who had taken a look at the festival shirt, might´ve been able to find the name Bülent Ceylan hidden between all the bandnames. At the latest, when you had a look at the festival info, you could read "something, that hasn´t been presented at any German festival" and "He´ll rock you, even without hard guitar riffs" - you could be sure, that it was him. The place in front of the mainstage was really packed, everybody was waiting for the German-Turkish comedian, who is probably the only real metalhead among German comedians. "The turkish guy has to sweat" or "Monnem rockt" (Mannheim rocks - Mannheim is his hometown), people were screaming for Bülent and he ran onto stage, headbanging like a maniac. There was no need to worry about how the audience would react on him being the surprise gig anymore. "You´re all completely crazy!", he screamed, that was the first thing, that came to his head, when he saw this huge crowd, that had come to see him. Impossible to get that broad grin out of his face again. So the next 20 minutes belonged to his various stage characters like janitor Mompfred, who obviously had forgotten to take his anti-racism-pills again. The audience was completely crazy now, starting circlepits and banging their heads, as if a band was playing. And just like he had said at the press conference, he went crowdsurfing and really enjoyed bathing in the crowd. Pretty cool idea!

Not even 10 minutes later, the band programm continued and it was time for yet another legend of NYHC, Sick Of It All. The crowd was now really warmed up, in a great mood and thus SOIA had them on the toast within a song or two. "Death Or Jail" started the madness, the crowd went nuts and the guitarist was jumping and running around on stage like crazy. I guess members of Hardcore bands are simply all hyperactive, who simply can´t stand still for at least one second. Songs following were "The Divide", "Built To Last" and "Scratch The Surface". Great gig!
Death Or Jail, Good Looking Out, Uprising Nation, The Divide, America, Built To Last, Clobbering Time, Lowest Common Denominator, Step Down, A Month of Sundays, Busted, Take The Night Off, My Life, Waiting For The Day, Dominated, Injustice System, Machete, Scratch The Surface, Us vs. Them

In the meanwhile it had become darker and this was the perfect atmosphere for Dark Funeral. The Black Metallers from Sweden started with bad news though, telling fans that this was the last gig with their vocalist, who had decided to leave the band after around 15 years. Nevertheless or maybe especially because of that they delivered a really energetic gig, throwing "The End Of Human Race" and "Goddess Of Sodom" into the crowd. Too bad, that the audience didn´t show such a big reaction, as you might´ve expected - falling back into old lazy habits? Well, the great pyro effects surely managed to wake up some people again, since those were really firewalls, that were fired off. Even Dark Funeral are normally not my cup of tea, they really managed to convince me with their great gig.
The End Of Human Race, 666 Voices Inside, Goddess Of Sodomy, The Arrival Of Satan's Empire, Stigmata, Atrum Regina, An Apprentice Of Satan, King Antichrist, In My Dreams, My Funeral

Well, maybe lots of people had simply been waiting for the gig after that, it was now time for Children of Bodom from Finland and those played almost the same setlist like two weeks before at Brutal Assault. They once again erred on the side of caution and played a set consisting of mainly classics. In contrast to other bands and also in contrast to older COB gigs, they didn´t have any special stage decoration like pyros, cars or barrels and had decided to simply rock with "Hate Crew Deathroll", "Everytime I Die" or "Six Pounder". It almost seemed as if the audience had been exchanged complete, since you could see masses of crowdsurfers and lots of clapping and headbanging. Cheers for guitar solos, Alexi and Janne were making the usual jokes while playing keyboard and guitar and "Hate Me" of course was sung by the audience. So we had two pretty amazing things in one gig, the all over a sudden really awake audience on the one hand and Alexi, who didn´t use his famous favourite

f-word that often. Maybe a wildchild is slowly growing up? This or that way, this was a very solid gig, flawless with nothing to complain. Well, maybe it was too flawless?
Follow The Reaper, Hate Crew Deathroll, Bodom Beach Terror, Everytime I Die, Living Dead Beat, Sixpounder, Blooddrunk, In Your Face, Angels Don’t Kill, Kissing The Shadows, Hate Me, Silent Night, Bodom Night, Needled 24/7, Downfall

Slowly tiredness was taking over, however, we still wanted to watch My Dying Bride, who once again had the honor to end the festival (at least on tue mainstages). 20 years of MDB, time for a doom party, no? They started the party with "Fall With Me", which was already the first highlight. Within a very short time the Britts had hypnotised the audience with their heavy sound and that from the front rows to the back! For once it was good in a way, that the audience was somewhat tired. They didn´t have to move too much, but still had enough energy to follow tue songs with passion. "Wreckage Of My Flesh" and "Vast Choirs" made sure, that the hypnotic atmosphere was being kept up. Especially the latter one was like travelling backwards in time, the fans were happy and MDB got a well deserved party for their anniversary. Too bad, that they were running out of time and couldn´t play the wonderful "Cry Of Mankind". Too bad, that no exception was being made for the last band of the festival!
Fall With Me, Bring Me Victory, Wreckage Of My Flesh, Turn Loose The Swans, Vast Choirs, She Is The Dark, My Body, A Funeral

One more band and then the Summer Breeze Festival was over, well, not only the festival, the whole summer festival season was over. With mixed feelings we thus went over to the tentstage for one last time to witness the gig of the resurrected The Crown. They had a new vocalist on board and he definitely managed to convince right away, when they played the first song "Deathexplosion".

Death Metal at its´best and even though the tent wasn´t completely packed, it seemed as if those, who were there, trieb to squeeze out some last bit of energy to party to a solid portion of Swedish Death Metal. "Doomsday King" showed, what we can expect from the new album and it was a great song, that fitted to the rest of the setlist. So the Summer Breeze had now truly reached its´end, at least for us. While we were already sitting in the car on the way home the two very last bands 1349 and Count Raven were playing their gigs.
Deathexplosion, Executionor, Under The Whip, Back From The Grave, Black Lightning, Blitzkrieg Witchcraft, Doomsday King, Crowned In Terror, Tale Of Destruction, Total Satan

Famous last words?
Basically you can say the same as always, and that in a positive way! Even though the partytent has become bigger and there seemed to be more visitors, the festival still has a somewhat familiar atmosphere. The choice of food was good, the band roster really great and thus teere was something for everyone. One of the very few annoying things was the small camelstage next to the partystage. No problem, when bands were playing there during changeover, but why do they have to blast music from a cd-player, while bands are playing in the tent. It was a bit hard to hear what was going on in the tent, when you had stand a bit further away from the stage. Maybe this should be change next year, I´m sure the Summer Breeze doesn´t need a 4th stage.

Cornelia Wickel / Markus Seibel

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