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True As Steel Festival

Stadt / City Zürich 
Land / Country CH 
Web www.true-as-steel.ch
Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus 
Datum / Date15. + 16.10.2010 

For the 4th time Heavy Shit Productions and Burning Phoenix Concerts + Promotion present the True as Steel Festival in Zürich with some international guests. That meant for me to take the train from Basel to Zürich, check into a hotel and warm up for the evening at the hotel bar.

Friday Oct 15, 2010
Despite the fact that doors were opened an hour ago, not so many people have found their way into theDynamo club, Six Magics played in front of a rather small crowd. The young act from Chile visited Switzerland during their tour in Germany. Front lady Elizahbeth and her guys gave 100% to the audience and surely made some new fans.

Because of receiving a long-awaited note about the interview with Teräsbetoni (coming soon) I had to leave the concert to meet the Finns downtown, therefore I missed Ravenheart and Eagelheart .

Back from Bonnie Prince Pub and the chat with J. Ahola, I managed to see the last songs of Gonoreas. This local band from Brugg has found the perfect recepie for success in Switzerland: take 4 guys and a blonde lady who plays the guitar, and it workd out. Gonoreas have developed into a quite hot Swiss act.

One thing is for certain, bands from Finland draw a lot of audience, first there are the Finn-band-junkies, and in case of young male Finns there are more Swiss girls and Finnish ladies who live in Switzerland taking over the front rows. Teräsbetoni are not quite up to Eurovision Song Contest, unlike 2008, but they give it all despite the sickness of singer J.Ahola. They had some technical problems, but that did not matter to the now pretty big crowd.

A great first gig on Swiss soil, and the best of this festival day. Finally they shake hands with fans and pose for photos, and then Teräsbetoni disappear from stage.
More Teräsbetoni photos here!

Finally it was time for French Holy Cross and their songs, inspired by Nordic mythology. There´s not much audience left, but they enjoy the band, who is a bit too chaotic for me, so I leave the first True As Steel festival day.

Saturday Oct 16, 2010 What a great start! Check out is supposed to be at 13.00 h and the plan was sleeping in until 12, but at 8 the cleaning people kick me out – oh no! Leaving the hotel at 12 h already the sightseeing tour has to be cancelled because of the rain, so once again I ended up at the hotel bar to spend the time until festival doors open at 18.00 h. Once again only a few visitors, but the situation changes soon, and there are more people than the day before.

Finally it´s time for Eradicator, the trio from Germany cheer up the crowd indeed. Singer and guitarist Seba sticks out with his hairdo and reminds you of Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons series, or Struwwelpeter.
More Eradicator photos here!

After that Steelpreacher from Germany get on stage and appeal to the audience a lot. Perhaps also because of their banner motto, „we´re here for the beer“. Well, so CHEERS.

Many people just came to see them, Swiss Battalion. In August they had to cope with a blow of fate, losing Cyril – brother, best friend, band colleague, great guitar player and nice guy. Battalion are one of the most popular Metal bands in Switzerland and surely will take their music career even further. With their new guitar player who does his job really well, they are going to continue. They are one of the festival highlights, you will surely hear more of those guys in the future.

For me it´s time to say good bye and catch a train home, therefore I miss Warrant, Exumer and Wicca but this is the problem with Swiss public traffic. Summing up, True As Steel was well done, despite the fact that the light situation was difficult for photographers, and also the sound at the Dynamo could be improved.

+ photos: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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