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Datum / Date10.12.2010 

In my circle of friends we renamed Hell-City into Narnia-City a couple of days ago. Consequently, the best to do this Friday evening was to attend the Kylmä-Festival (Iciness-Festival) at Gloria. The intensive use of the fog machine created the right atmosphere and the major part of my photos gave the impression as if the festival would have been held outside.

sihiL started already at 9 pm with electronic Industrial Punk. However, a pizza kept me from seeing this gig. When I finally arrived, the duo Machine Park was already on stage.

Besides me there were approximately 30 other people. One half of them stood around like frozen up, while the other half warmed up themselves already on the dancefloor. The sound was like that: Jusa performed some kind of growling and shouting while Mac Hine gave the beat on the percussion. The result was punky Industrial-Techno.

Before, inbetween and after the acts, DJ Emanon and DJ Zynthexia took responsibility for right vibes. They prevented our feet to freeze again with cool mixes such as “Personal Jesus” from Depeche Mode and they gave a perfect acoustic outlook to the sound of the next two bands.

A Spell Inside plays typical Synth-pop. Vocalist Michael Roeder introduced the band after the Intro with very easily recognizable German accent. But he also had learned one Finnish word. I think it was terve (all hail) though his pronunciation was a little bit funny. Immediately the audience came closer – some more people had arrived in the meantime – but they respectfully kept one meter distance to the stage. A Spell Inside played mostly songs from the recent album “Loginside” and the previous best-of album “Essential”. It took them five songs until a song with German lyrics “Stärke 10” until they convinced the first to start dancing. Although the Finnish fans were a little bit shy in the beginning, I had the impression that they were inspired. About one hour later the band left with shouts from the audience “We love you German people”.

Playlist: Intro / Not enough / Reveal / Believe / Keener / Stärke 10 / The River / Boundary / No Win / Here to stay / Oneway / Brothers / Träume

The second synth-pop-band this evening and my personal highlight were De/Vision. I saw them live when I was 15 and all my classmates were dying for Backstreetboys. De/Vision have been on tour already since April with their new album “Popgefahr”. But during my occasional visits in Germany I never managed to visit one of their concerts. Therefore I was really happy that they found the way (to me) to Finland. And there were some others who shared this opinion. When the first note of the Intro was played, fans immediately ran to the stage and weren’t shy at all anymore. Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam played mostly songs from the recent album. They played also classics like “Try to forget” or “I regret”, which made me personally very happy. I actually could also understand that one guy was so overwhelmed that he kissed Steffen’s feet. The other fans expressed their feelings as singing loudly the refrain of “Your Hands on my Skin”, when he hold is microphone into the bulk in front of the stage. One hour later they also shouted for an encore, which was granted to them.

Playlist: Intro + Until the End of Time / mAndroids / What you deserve / Flash of Life / Rage / Try to forget / Plastic Heart / Ready to die / I regret / Your Hands on my Skin / Flavour of the week / Encores: Strange Affection / Time to be alive

Unfortunately, only few more than 100 people found their way to Gloria. Were there really this many competing pikkujoulut (Finnish Christmas parties) that no more managed to come? I actually really expected some more like-minded after I visited a Depeche Mode (similar sound, but De/Vision are much better!) concert in Helsinki. Well, from my very egoistic point of view these circumstances were great. There was no risk to bump into anybody while dancing. Furthermore, A Spell Inside and De/Vision could really give handshakes to everybody who wanted that. However, the conclusion for hosts and bands should be that they need much more promotion in Finland.

+ photos: Grit Kabiersch

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