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Doro Pesch Release & PETA

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.doropesch.com
Headbanger´s Ballroom 
Datum / Date16 Mar 2006 

“Would you wear your skin???” - “Leather is dead skin!!!”

Metal queen Doro Pesch started a campaign for saving animals with PeTA. She showed the campaign posters, to the press for the first time at the Headbangers Ballroom in Hamburg. Doro against leather? This sounds quite strange because the blonde lady is absolutely known for wearing sexy leather dresses on stage but long time ago she stopped wearing real animal leather clothes. Her stage dresses are made of artificial leather and synthetic materials and it’s not that easy to distinguish them from real leather and by the way, doesn’t she look cool anyway? To support her attitude she presents the press a vegetarian buffet: Fresh fruits, vegetables and many healthy things.

To give that evening a special touch Doro also had an acoustic live show and presented her new album “Warrior Soul”. guitar played by Oliver Palotai from her band. After a few minutes she got her audience caught with presenting an emotional, traditional, exciting album with heavy and softer tones as well. The acoustic show was not like an ordinary heavy metal show, no headbanging and no pushing but with a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

The show went on peacefully. Everybody could enjoy and concentrate on her voice and music comfortably. And she was really getting into music – this woman can fill a hall just with her voice. Unfortunately, the show was very short and everybody would appreciate to get to hear some more songs.

After the show Doro didn’t leave the venue at once. It was more the other way around: She talked to the audience, gave some autographs and took pictures with her fans.

A great evening!

Rika Muroi, Jasmin Froghy

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