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Wacken Open Air - Road Show 2006

Stadt / City Berlin 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.wacken.com
Datum / Date19 Apr 2005 

In the upcoming festival season, whatīs a better appetizer for Wacken Open Air, the Metalheadsī family feast, than the Wacken Road Show? Exactly.

Therefore even despite the nice weather the venue was rather full and the bar area rather busy 15 minutes before the beginning of the event. Spellbound and Noise Forest partially, Orphaned Land and Ensiferum clearly had a location advantage.

Spellbound celebrated Thrash Metal in traditional Made in Germany-style. Despite having only one album out the Spellbound-guys gathered some curious and enthusiastic people right in front of stage. Those “usual suspects” didnīt feel bothered by the slightly static show and banged their heads, whereas the rest didnīt show much interest and returned to the bar.

If a name fits a band, itīs Noise Forest, they keep what their title promises: a mix of Metalcore//Death Metal. The audience warmed up slowly yet didnīt reach red alert level, but despite sound problems the fans seemed more enthusiastic than before with Spellbound, perhaps because there was much more movement now on stage. The bandīs massive Groove added to that, yet a lot of people preferred to wait for the main acts.

The Metalheads from Israel Orphaned Land got more to offer than being exotic, and even before their show the audience seemed excited. The band displayed a lot of fun on stage, especially via the short-haired guitar player Yossi Saīaron who was grinning practically all the time. Singer Kobi Farhi amused the audience by waving his micro stick all the time, emotionally he seemed to be fully into his song material. The fans in the front in particular got excited and enjoyed dancing and headbanging all the hits of the show. The girls in the front row with the Israel-flag contributed to the overall positive impression.

Estimated 65% und subjectively felt 99% of all fans wore Ensiferum -Shirts, the party had already started before the band played the first note. The audience remained in the hall at their spots right after the Orphaned Land show. A totally deserted bar-area is indeed a rare view at Metal shows. That explains the reputation and the live-qualities of those Folk Death Metal-Heroen with singer Petri Lindroos, who appeared on stage with his famous cow-style Cowboyhat and thus provoked a lot of cheers even before the show.

With the first riff the hall went totally crazy, the opulent sound in Kato club had songs like
"White Storm", "Dragonheads", "Warriorīs Quest", das Amorphis-Cover "Into Hiding, "Tale of Revenge", "Windrider", "Treacherous God", "Hero In A Dream" and "Token Of Time" truly stand out. As encore the band played their great hymn „Battle Song", and it has to be emphasized that the crowd was HOT all the time, and everyone, really everyone (short or long hair) banged their heads and sang along. Especially amusing: the totally drunk stagediver who almost fell at his first attempt, tried to get a grip at a microstick and almost grabbed the mike of guitarist Markus Toivonen. The first attempt ended a bit harsh on the floor, the second succeeded. Finally everyone was happy and satisfied, yet exhausted, after this heroic orgy.

Now we are definitely well-prepared for the festival season!

Ingo Gießmann, translation: Klaudia Weber

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