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Rock Power Night 2014

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Web www.z-7.ch
Z 7 
Datum / Date01.03.2014 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Links im Text / linked in the text 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 

This evening is dedicated to Rock music from Switzerland and Germany: five bands will entertain those 500-600 people who found their way to Z7 despite the carnival season. The first support band – found last minute - is up on stage at 17.45h.

Victorius from Leipzig play impressive Power Metal. The band seems to be pretty young and lacking some live experience, but they offer a good and entertaining show, far from „rehearsal room“ feeling. Musically there could be more variation and work on details, and the same can be said about singer David, who has a big potential and masters the technique, but he sings everything still too much alike. www.victoriusmetal.net

More photos here!

Then it is time for the first Swiss band: Crystal Ball have released their new album „Dawnbreaker“ after a 6-year-hiatus, and also the line-up has changed. New guitarist, new bass player, new singer, only Scott Leach and Marcel Sardella remain from the original line-up. The new singer Steven Mageney does a good job, especially for the new songs that were written for him. During the old stuff I miss the trademark quality of Mark Sweeney´s voice. But Steven is a good singer, he should perhaps focus on the vocals and not thrash around the stage too much. Sure, that looks cool but sometimes the vocal performance suffers. The new guys fit in quite well, Markus Flury had played in another Hard Rock Band (Charing Cross), but it is strange to see Cris Stone here after his job at Stoneman. Still a good combination and a well-done comeback. www.crystal-ball.ch

More photos here!

Another Hard Rock Band, but with a twist, as they have a saxophone player too. Human Zoo struggles a bit, as singer Thomas seems to have problems and turns his back to the audience now and then. Which I find weird, but despite that those guys from Balingen were not bad indeed and therefore appealed to audience. Vocal-wise Thomas is surely the one with the biggest range. Saxophone player Boris also takes part to heat up the crowd. www.humanzoo-music.de

More photos here!

Before the headliner it is time for the second Swiss act The Order who are quite well known by now and therefore rock the crowd. Those 4 guys simply have fun on stage, e.g. Gianni and Andrej teasing each other, whereas guitarist Bruno Spring seems to be totally focused on his playing. They always offer a passionate performance, a great show, and impress with their skills – they don´t need any glitter and special effects.
Singer Gianni might be the one reaching the highest notes in Switzerland. No idea how he does it – even I as a girl can only dream of singing that high. He has become a darling of the public with his likeable and easy-going attitude. Despite being successful and in the media a lot – with the order and other projects – he has still kept his feet on the ground. This is rare among Swiss musicians – some even don´t even find it necessary to say hello any more to people they had been friends with before. If there was an award for the nicest Swiss musician, it would go to Gianni. www.theorder.ch

More photos here!

The final act this evening offers some belly dance show. Belly dance? Yes, because Freedom Call Ssinger Chris Bay shows up with open leather jacket and jiggles his hips, quite a lot. Well, he can indeed afford to do that, but still it looked funny sometimes. The band certainly drives the audience crazy and makes sure that the crowd receives the perfect round-up of a great evening. But for me that´s enough Happy Metal after 3 songs and I rather choose to get back home. All in all a great evening with good bands and in high spirits. http://www.freedom-call.net

More photos here!

Sandy Mahrer

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