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X-Mas-Sux : Endstille | Blood Red Angel | Schistosoma | Fuse | Xenotaph | Border Of Reality

Stadt / City Mühlhausen 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.x-mas-sux.de
Bender Saal  
Datum / Date26 Nov 2005 

For the third time, Metalheads gathered at the Bender Saal in Mühlhausen this year, to celebrate Christmas-time in a different way. The big, nice location stayed pretty empty with only about 150 paying guests. This might have been caused by the rural location and the bad advertisement.

Border Of Reality

The evening was opened at point seven by four boys from Stuttgart called Border Of Reality. It was easy to see, that this young band lacked stage-experience, but also, how much fun they had on stage, playing their melodic Death Metal. Anyway, at this time, only few visitors were present yet, to witness the gig of this suiting opening act. One can be curious about what´s still to come from this young, talented band.


Xenotaph had to fight against the odds – with a drummer being ill and only one (instead of two) guitarists. This lead to some difficulties between, as well as during the songs, that were nicely covered by short solo-improvisations. Anyway, the guys from Nürnberg played good, heavy Death Metal as usual and they even managed to get some of the guys in front of the stage to start moshing. Voice and Bassist Simon used the resulting attention of the fans to drop some words about the socio-critic contents of songs as “Flesh and Blood” and “Peacemaker“.


Fuse - the band that initiated the small festival – followed and brought modern Death Metal with an American touch to the people. The stage was a bit too small for six people (Fuse are playing with two vocalists) and at the beginning of the set, the musicians got a little bit into each others way. They managed to coordinate their actions more and more during the gig and, being a local act from Mühlhausen, their show was celebrated by the fans.


A pretty nice gig, with fairly audible sound was performed by Schistosoma. Quality was as usual (regarding several gigs on festivals last summer). Due to very little reactions of the audience, the guys, especially vocalist Markus Schuster, seemed to be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, they gave their best to present a good performance which was rewarded by a little moshpit during the last songs.

Blood Red Angel

The audience seemed to gather forces for the upcoming Endstille-gig, as resonance was low as well, during the show of Blood Red Angel. But they just seemed not to care about and performed a great, worthwhile gig. The band from Krefeld offered finest American Thrash Metal and was, in my opinion, the highlight of the evening. The Rhine-Area-Thrashers especially convinced with their vocals, front man Klaus, as well as the background voices of guitarist Jens and bassist Bernd did a great job. Anyone who is into good, old-school Thrash Metal should risk an ear on Blood Red Angel.


As the Headliner Endstille finally entered the hall people began moving towards the stage. The four-man-band from northern Germany showed what everyone had expected, not more, nor less: Raw, aggressive Black Metal, without any compromise. Apart from some negative comments on modern bands like Dimmu Borgir or System Of A Down by guitarist L. Wachtfels the band didn´t talk much between the songs and just played their set from the beginning to the end. After about an hour, Endstille left the stage, although many of the fans requested more. “Dudes, we played an hour, we gave two add-ons, and we´ve never done that much before. That´s enough!” He than handed out some beer to the people in the first row and talked with some of the fans afterwards. Endstille didn´t play a sensational show, but not a bad either.

All in all it was a nice evening that was worth the 12€ for the ticket. Anyway, the atmosphere would probably have been better with a bigger audience.

Michael Klimczak

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