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Rockfete 2007: Tripping Horse | Mely | Monkey Bread Tree | Purple Snake | Xenesthis | Thytopia

Stadt / City Villach 
Land / Country AUT 
Web http://www.carinthian-metal-maniacs.at.vu/
Hotel Kasino 
Datum / Date04.05.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Rockfete_2007 
Photos: regurge.at 

The rain poured down in Villach, AUT, when with a 10 € investment you could see the Rockfete with Thytopia, Xenesthis, Purple Snake, Monkey Bread Tree, Mely and Tripping Horse in Hotel Kasino. Most bands were unknown to me, therefore I was curious about Xenesthis from Vienna, the likable Purple Snake and Tripping Horse who I had noticed via Myspace.

Punctually at 18:30 Thytopia opened the concert. I found them very fascinating, a technically well-played Metal, presented by a One-meter-and-a-half-Frontlady who can hold her drinks very well. Her rough voice also handled clean vocal parts with excellence; most remarkable were her occasional 20-sec-shouts, and yet she was still not out of breath. Richy, a masterful guitarist, and bass player Chris offered a great 30-min-show, too. I had to smile about Chris a bit, because instead of a guitar strap he had a chain, and finally when he put away his instrument, it was not a suitcase but a cardbord box that he used...

Xenesthis were just signed by Noisehead and played exactly my preferred sound, nice guitar-based “the beauty and the beast” Death Metal, but I do not refer to the looks, NO WAY! Katrin´s beautiful voice was accompanied by growls and/or deep clean voice from Raffel and Michael. In between they played appealing instrumental parts with guitar solos.

The very likable Purple Snake presented chill-out old-school-rock, but suddenly after three songs lights went out, nothing worked – power failure. The guys appeared to be very professional and did not freak out but offered a 15-min-Jam session in the pitch-black concert hall. That was the right moment just to close your eyes and focus on the music. The energy problem was solved quickly and the band continued, singer Alex seemed to enjoy the show indeed because he was smiling all the time.

Unfortunately I lost my notes regarding Monkey Bread Tree(very unprofessional, I know *blush*), therefore I cannot say much about this band, except that they were good and were the only ones that had the audience chant their name.

Mely I have seen this year more often than you could hear Robbie Williams on radio. This is a reason why it becomes more and more difficult to write about them, and not much has changed since their last show. They still play excellent melancholic Rock with interesting Keyboard parts. A pity that this time the stage was not big enough for Peter´s headbanging. Finally the audience wanted more, and after checking with the organizers and their OK the band played some more.

It was almost 12 h and Tripping Horse theoretically had just 10 min left to play because everything should be over by midnight. However, the headliner, who presented his new CD that was produced in Los Angeles, could still play after midnight. The young band, consisting of three guys and a girl, presented their Rock music in a professional manner. Therefore I think you will hear from this band – they have played in Guatemala and L.A. Already – in the future.

A nice Rock evening with a diversity of fans, young and old, Punk and Goth, only the temperatures in the hall are to blame. You could get rid off the alcohol in your system through your skin and did not need to see the toilet...

Christian Girstmair, transl. K. Weber

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