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Summer Nights Festival 2007

Stadt / City Salzburg 
Land / Country Österreich 
Web www.summer-nights.at
Datum / Date22.06.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie Summernights_2007 
Photos: regurge.at 

Quite spontaneously I decided to go to the Summer Nights festival in Straßwalchen (Salzburg, Austria) for a day. The festival takes place for the first time this year and the dimension of the event is about 1000 people.

We left about 1:30 pm but arrived only about 6 pm because of traffic jams along the way. Then we lost another half an hour because we had problems finding the festival area. In any case, we eventually found the site and then tried to find a place where we could park our car, which was not very easy because people camped just everywhere.

On site:
At that point it was already 6:45 pm, time to finally get a ticket. The tickets for one day were 30 Euros (at the door) and a two-day ticket cost 45 Euros (at the door). Because I had to travel back the next morning I decided to buy the day-ticket and I also learned that due to traffic jams Pungent Stench’s gig was rescheduled and so they now played as the last band.

Great, then I could even see their whole gig and so I was looking forward to see Aborted.
Unfortunately, it didn’t come off because according to the new running order the band had already played. Some fans spoke of a great gig, though.

Hatesphere were next and I headed to the stage which was in some kind of big barn. To have a roof over one’s head was really necessary today because it was a pretty rainy day with partly quite heavy wind. The barn, which could probably hold 400-500 people, was in my opinion too small for a festival with 1000 people. The good thing, though, was that it was always completely full and the crowd was going crazy. You could clearly see that many of the attendees enjoyed it because crowdsurfings and moshpits, which went through the whole venue, were constantly going on. There were even some crazy speaker stage diver!

The very nice singer Jacob Bredahl, who also convinced me with his second band Barcode not so long ago, and his guys offered a great show and this even at that “early” hour.

This didn’t change much when Mercenary played next. Here’s a short video, which hopefully shows the great atmosphere at the concert.

Eisregen, Heaven Shall Burn and Tankard followed with brilliant performances. At the Heaven Shall Burn gig there was even a cool “wall of death.” Sadly Thirdmoon and Riger had to cancel their shows due to illness.

In the end Pungent Stench entered the stage. After I had taken my photos I dared to go into the crowd to celebrate with them, which I really enjoyed for three of four songs. Unfortunately, the band had to clear the stage then and the concert was cancelled because the festival was officially over for that day.

My stomach forced me to a feeding station. There was a lot of stuff to choose from, besides the usual food also chilli con carne or delicious BBQ spits. The prices were for me a little bit too high (0,5 l beer for 3 euros) but this seems to become more and more normal.

As usual at festivals, the morning alarm spreads out like a virus across the site. When one screams, then the neighbour screams and so on and so far. Our morning alarm were the Excrementory Grindfuckers at about 8 am.

After they had played some unplugged stuff for us they went to sleep to be fit for their gig that day.

It was quite a problem to get something for breakfast before our departure because at that early hour nothing seemed to be open. Apart from some beer stalls everything was closed. At about 9 am we set off but now the muddy ground was a big problem, especially on the hill, our tires could not get a grip, but luckily some metalheads pushed the car and so we could resume our journey home.

More than motivated bands in their highest spirits and a killer atmosphere with the fans. I was a bit disappointed about the cancellations, changes in the running order and the short playing times of some bands. Some people seemed to exaggerate the metal lifestyle a bit, which depressed the mood somewhat.

In any case, a festival with a unique location (thanks to the barn), which probably won’t be happening in that form again because it will be resettled next year. All those who weren’t there have definitely missed something.

Christian Girstmair, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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