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- Reviews: AUDIO CD -


Titel / Title Hail! Hail! 
Label Foodchain Records 
Web www.myspace.com/supagroup
Total run time
51:15 min. 
Vö/ReleaseJuly 2011 

Summer is at its zenith, 50 percent of the population are on vacation - and this album fits perfectly the climate with sunshine-rock. The Lee brothers Chris and Benji Lee from the icy Alaska rock for more than 15 years in the hot New Orleans, and even if reflections of bands like the old Slade or Whitesnake shine through, the channel remains in happy mood, switched with zero percent “provocation”. So, friends of experimental, hard or dark sounds - listen away, this is not really for you. Here nothing renovated the old, well-known rock`n´roll shack. Truckers on the road, bikers, or simply who wants to entertain at the beach the surrounding population with broad guitar music - SUPAGROUP and "Sexy Summertime", turn this on!

Definitely the sound is closely associated with the rock culture of the late 70s. This didn´t went in the old days very conform to the society and owned a rebellious defiance. Now, 30 years later these attitudes changed to a kind of catchy fun factor. Anyway, this fun rolls fine - a strong voice and precise into the style matching guitars - apart from the solid work on drums - enthusiasts show off their thing at work. It´s only Rock`n´roll. But you like it.

And this is not monotonous or without ideas. After a quick "That´s Enaugh Boys" the album slows down a little to a relaxed groovin “Where´d You Put The Whiskey” enriched by a muggy breeze of bayou. With "Along The Yangtze" we reach an unexpected acoustic instrumental part, a duo great played by two acoustic guitars, scratching at the boundaries of folk. In "The Bold Are Doomed To Die" Chris Lee sounds in parts like a light-version of Ozzy Osbourne.

However, the term “light-version” applies to the whole disc; that means they rock solidly and without to disappoint at any point, but to become a true “supergroup”, SUPAGROUP should add some more unique and creative power on it. They sound too much like a cover band playing a music that could have been once before. But because of newly written songs, they seem to cover their own contents. A development could only happen, if they crack their limits, to arrive inside of areas "behind".


01. Hail! Hail! (Rock And Roll)
02. Sexy Summertime
03. Back In The Game
04. That´s Enaugh Boys
05. Where´d You Put The Whiskey?
06. Down He Goes
07. Along The Yangtze
08. Dear Hong Kong
09. The Bold Are Doomed To Die
10. Lion In The Age Of The Cage
11. Crazy Too
12. Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
13. And The Sun Will Still Shine

Andreas Torneberg

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