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Titel / Title Cursed To Live (DVD+2CD) 
Label Century Media 
Web www.morgoth-band.com
Total run time
104 min (DVD) 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

MORGOTH have gained their reputation as German Death Metal legends for a reason - and even in their early years, with their EPs "Resurrection Absurd" and "The Eternal Fall", they managed to convince me - although I have never been a big DM fan... Already back then their shows were a must-see, and off-stage they even turned out to be totally nice guys...

Therefore you can imagine that I could hardly contain my joy when I heard about this CD/DVD (or Vinyl) package - the first Live-release of this band ever, , recorded at the at the "Way Of Darkness"-Festival, part of the 20th-anniversary concert series of their "Cursed" album in 2011, and mixed by Dan Swanö (more about it in our Morgoth-Interview. )

Besides the obvious "value for money" aspect, the fantastic song selection has to be mentioned (not only "Cursed" material but also old hits like "Pits Of Utumno" or "Under The Surface"), as well as the brilliant sound and the clear line of editing. No unnecessary visual effects - other than footage shot from unusual perspectives - which means you get this authentic concert feeling, and all you´d need are some more people in the living room for a mosh pit...

Many fans in the front rows look like they were not even been born in the Morgoth heydays - but this proves that neither the band nor their songs have "aged" - the show is fresh, inspiring and energetic, and a more mature Marc looks so much scarier with his "Alien eyes" than back then :D

In addition to ovber 1h live action you get to enjoy bonus stuff: 2 songs each from Rock Hard Festival 2011 and the Warm-Up Gig at Wermelskirchen plus all official video clips. No more to say - buy it!

Main show – Live at Way Of Darkness Festival, Lichtenfels / Germany, 07.10.2011
1. Cursed 01:49
2. Body Count 03:44
3. Exit To Temptation 05:54
4. Unreal Imagination 03:24
5. The Travel 05:05
6. Resistance 04:37
7. Suffer Life 04:21
8. Pits Of Utumno 04:38
9. Sold Baptism 03:40
10. Lies Of Distrust 04:42
11. Under The Surface 05:11
12. Selected Killing 06:38
13. Burnt Identity 03:47
14. Isolated 05:07
15. White Gallery 04:07

Live at Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen / Germany, 11.06.2011
16. Suffer Life 04:16
17. Body Count 03:43

Warm-Up Show Wermelskirchen 2011
18. Sold Baptism 03:32
19. White Gallery 04:19

Official Videos 1991-1997
20. Isolated 05:22
21. Sold Baptism 05:40
22. Under The Surface 04:38
23. Last Laugh 04:12

1. Cursed 01:52
2. Body Count 03:42
3. Exit To Temptation 05:54
4. Unreal Imagination 03:38
5. The Travel 05:16
6. Resistance 04:46
7. Suffer Life 04:32
8. Pits Of Utumno 04:48
9. Sold Baptism 03:37
10. Lies Of Distrust 05:16
11. Under The Surface 05:23
12. Selected Killing 05:25
13. Burnt Identity 03:52
14. Isolated 05:21
15. White Gallery 04:46
1. Body Count 03:44
2. The Travel 05:08
3. Resistance 04:47
4. Suffer Life 04:23
5. Sold Baptism 03:40
6. Pits Of Utumno 04:53
7. Unreal Imagination 03:36
8. Under The Surface 05:09
9. Burnt Identity 04:01
10. Isolated 05:19
11. White Gallery 05:14

Klaudia Weber

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