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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Deutschland 
Web www.cannibalcorpse.net
Datum / Date09 Feb 2012 

The Hamburg Markthalle hadn´t seen a line-up like this for a while: Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Legion of the Damned and Misery Index. It came as a surprise to nobody that the show was sold out. Due to the early start at 18:30 as well as a total of six bands playing, the first bands performed to smaller audiences.

Photo: Samira Alinto

Our crew came a bit late to the show as well as most of the audience and thus we missed on the first half of the show from Nexus Inferis, but judging from the second half, we didn´t miss out on much. The performers seemed quite uncomfortable on stage –which is normal for a young band on the first stretch of the tour- and the show itself offered a whole lot of synthesizers mixed into Black Metal. In the end they failed to offer anything new or original. (oa)

Photo: Samira Alinto

Suicidal Angels came next and they filled the room up quite a bit better. The crowd went along amazingly well; they provided the surprisingly energetic moshpits as well as a wall of death! I really don´t see how this happened as their performance wasn´t that great –sure, they didn´t do bad, but somehow it seemed all too unrehearsed and unoriginal. The Greek Thrash-Metallers mainly played material from their latest album, Bloodbath and although I found it a bit “meh”, it will probably go down well in the music market if it works out on the album as well as it does live. (oa)

Photo: Samira Alinto

The performance of Misery Index was the total opposite of their predecessors: They truly gave it their best and pumped out lots and lots of energy on stage into the crowd, but somehow it just didn´t stick. I believe that the audience just needed to recuperate from the last show and the proof is that they came alive again for “Traitors” towards the end of the show. None the less, their show was very nice, just the audience wasn´t quite there. (oa)

Photo: Samira Alinto

The precisely played, brutal Death Metal attack from Legion Of The Damned pulled in even more people into the room. The blond Dutchmen bombed down the motorway without looking left or right and due to the only 35 minute play time, the vocalist, Maurice Swinkles left the announcements short. They performed classics, like „Bleed For Me“ and „Werewolf Corpse“, as well as the opener, „Legion Of The Damned“. Even though the light wasn´t photographer-friendly, the sound engineer didn´t let us down and the moshpits built up.

Photo: Samira Alinto

The guitarist, Twan van Geel, who has been a member only since mid-2010 had really integrated himself and it felt like he had always been there. This helped out a lot to rub out the bitter taste of the leaving of grounder, Richard Ebisch. Eventually the Dutchmen left a lot of happy faces behind in the hot, damp hall. They seemed to have got a fair amount of new blood into their fan´s ranks as their youngest fan with the band´s shirt came only up to my hip. (sa)

Photo: Samira Alinto

Behemoth was the headliner of the evening for most of the people. Before the band a foot onto the stage, it was being filled up with meticulously made stage props. When was the last time that someone put so much effort to create just the right atmosphere? I don´t know, but it was a while ago. Nergal and his men took the rudder as the audience roared and the shock of seeing Nergal ridden by his disease was written on many faces. It looks like the walls started falling down and he had to get out. Hopefully he will pull through the monster tour without any problems.

Photo: Samira Alinto

But back to the concert… Whoever read between the lines that the performance would have been weak is disappointed because he didn´t lose a bit of his stage presence. The concert was intoxicating, dark and powerful –shortly said, brilliant! The sound and lights were just perfect and the set list, which included “Ov Fire and the Void“, „Demigod“ and „Slaves Shall Serve“ was chosen brilliantly. When Nergal shouted out the opening line to “Conquer All”, “It feels fucking good to be alive”, I got goose bumps. A full hour of very welcome virtuosity –you can´t ask for more Behemoth left the stage with “Lucifer” and made room for Cannibal Corpse. (sa)

For more Behemoth-photos check here!

Taking the stage after Behemoth is already a challenge, but Cannibal Corpse took it over with their bludgeoning Death Metal. The stage design –if you could call it that- was a bit meagre, especially after Behemoth´s set-up. The gentlemen from Buffalo got a bit fat, but it didn´t slow them down as there was a lot of action on stage. Due to the fact that there were almost 1200 metalheads sweating away in the stinky, close air, I had to leave halfway during the show, but Dennis Kathmann was nice enough to come along –thank you again- and confirmed that the rest of the show was one blast after another.

Photo: Samira Alinto

Furthermore, the set list drove the crowd insane. There was absolutely nothing to complain sound-wise and there were no real minus points. All of the announcements were original, sympathetic and no standard phrases thrown out of the hat. They played classics, like Hammer Smashed Face“ and „I Cum Blood“ and only two tracks from their latest album “Torture” and the audience loved it. However I was among many to leave early, which is the downside of playing during the week. (sa)

Photo: Samira Alinto

All in all, there was nothing to complain about the Full of Hate tour´s stop in Hamburg, apart from the first surplus band. As far as I heard, they played just as well in their other shows, like in Oberhausen, which they played in the next day. Brilliant! Whoever lives in the cities where they come should definitely check out the show.

Ozzy Aikas (oa), Samira Alinto (sa)

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