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Opaque Buff / The Riot Soul / Posh Vandals

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web www.opaquebuff.com
Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room  
Datum / Date23.03.2012 

If there was one thing I didn`t expect this evening, it was any kind of respective level. As I already mentioned in my review for Opaque Buff`s EP "Street Decadence", the voice of Dallas reminds me rather of a singing stuffed "Sesame Street" animal doll than a "Sleaze icon", as which he is described by the band itself. Also, the seriousness of the quintet is questionable, not least thanks to the vocals, I somehow see the guys from the Finnish capital Helsinki in the same category with Steel Panther and Reckless Love, namely "(tongue-in-cheek) Glam Rock / Hair Metal". However: No sooner the big "Video Release Party" for "Sinderella" plus live-show was announced, the date was immediately marked in my calendar. At least for once we wanted to see this spectacle live, all the more when no one less than Posh Vandals from Stockholm were brought on board, the Swedish equivalent to Opaque Buff (Just have a look at their music video "The Sack Of Rome"). Yes, actually the only thing missing was a "Bad Taste" outfit to make our whole "80s trash night" perfect...

To everyone`s surprise, the event is opened by The Riot Soul, the third act on the bill, but the guests from Sweden, so unfortunately we missed more than the half of the Posh Vandals gig. Yes, unfortunately, because on stage the band around front poser Liz Lascivious isn`t as terrible as the aforementioned music video. They are actually quite funny to look at and and their songs like "Back With A Vengeance" and "The Sack Of Rome" rather sound like Sleaze-tinged Punk. I am almost "disappointed", especially during the very felicitous Demolition 23 cover "Hammersmith Palais"...

Real disappointment follows with the second act The Riot Soul, or rather with the fact that the hard rockers around Miika Kokko are positioned between the other two bands and not - as expected - as the opener. It`s not because the band is bad; they aren`t bad at all. It`s because their serious attitude doesn`t quite fit into tonight`s programme, especially not in the middle of the whole event. And while songs like "Slaves & Harlots", "Kill The Rock`n`Roll Star" and cover versions like Mötley Crüe`s "Kickstart My Heart" are played, a lot of girls try to get into the backstage area to meet the Posh Vandals and / or Opaque Buff. We prefer to chat with pop singer Jessica Wolff who plays the main character in "Sinderella" and is currently busy with recordings for her own album...

Shortly after, it`s time for the mentioned music video´s world premiere and, once again, neither the voice nor the song "Sinderella" itself convince me. Not at all! All the more I am convinced by the self-mockery of Opaque Buff (start photo) by using the theme music of the "Dallas" TV series as their intro. A tribute to the homonymous frontman, so to speak, although it`s not always clear who the frontman is when it comes to Opaque Buff, as guitar player Johnny Scum usually acts as the "media magnet" on concert posters and so on. And it`s also Johnny who acts like the "poser without borders", while especially Julius UK (Guitar), Wille (Drums) and Magnus (Bass) offer a solid Rock`n`Roll show. And again, I am "disappointed", as I expected something much more mediocre tonight. The voice of Dallas is still unconvincing when songs like "Sex Addict", "One Day At A Time", "Don`t Say You Need Me", "Scarlet Starlight", "Red Lights", "Sinderella" and "Whiskey" are performed, but you can`t deny that the entertainment factor is quite high. They even don`t shrink from a coverversion by Modern Talking ("You`re My Heart, You`re My Soul"). And, yes: Sometimes it`s just nicer to be entertained by a colourful Sleaze circus than listening to the hundredth Mötley Crüe clone and how serious they are about it...

Conclusion: The evening was different than expected but thereby not better or worse. Both Posh Vandals and Opaque Buff were not as cheesy as one would expect due to their media presence. Nevertheless, the seriousness of The Soul Riot was somehow out of place tonight. After the gigs, the bar`s DJ Sami made the people dance, and who wants to see the Sleaze circus of Opaque Buff with his / her own eyes, shouldn`t miss their next parade on May 12, 2012 at "Sture 21" in Helsinki.

+ photos: Stefanie Singh

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