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Frei.Wild / Matt Roehr / Spitfire

Stadt / City Dortmund 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.frei-wild.net
Datum / Date1.11.2012 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery s295.beta.photobucket.com/user/ waspfighter/library/FreiWild%20Dortmund%201-11-2012 
Photos: Guido Wegener 

This was an evening many fans had been looking forward, the band from Southern Tirol (ITA) started the ticket sales even in summer, as there´s a huge demand, and only one month later tickets were available only via online auctions.

No wonder that many fans gather this evening early in the morning, at 9am about 20 people stand in front of the venue, displaying anti-racism and anti-Nazi banners. Frei.Wild come to join them in the afternoon to give them autographs – Chapeau! Besides a wide range of merchandise fans can check out private band-memorabilia displayed in a truck, for free.

More photos in an online gallery, link info in the header
About 17.30 h some fans get to a Meet&Greet, and the first impression of the venue inside comes as a surprise, a gigantic stage with a huge Frei.Wild banner. “Fips , Joy , Zegga und Föhre” join the fans and it seems they all have fun, having some small talk about private issues, the new album (review here ) and the cooperation with Matt "Gonzo" Roehr. Everybody receives autographs and band photo, another group photo is made which can be picked up after the show at the band truck, for free. Chapeau 2!!

The fans are in good mood even before the show, "Frei.Wild..Frei.Wild!" chants keep them warm until punctually at 19:00 h doors open.

More photos in an online gallery, link info in the header
„Dick Dropkick“, „Johnny Jailbreak“ and „Nikk Nitro“ open the evening with their fresh Kick Ass Rock´N´Roll. „Dick Dropkick“ has a lot of energy, although his stage acting seems a bit clumsy, but this does not impair the good mood. Visually they are good as well as musically, and very enthusiastic, they fire up the crowd with " Go " , Devils Dance, Roll The Dice, Burn In Hell, Rusted Crown. We´ll surely hear more of those 3 Bavarians!

More photos in an online gallery, link info in the header
Matt "Gonzo" Roehr
Singer and guitarist Gonzo offers an experienced crew as well as an experienced show. Surely he is not the best singer, but old songs like "Mexico" and " Auf gute Freunde" has the crowd connive at certain vocal deficiency. A great show of a great songwriter, and the latter he points out at every concert. He was actually asked before the tour whether he´s not ashamed of covering Böehse Onkelz songs. Well, he WROTE them... Naturally Gonzo presents a new song " Alles ändert sich " which just came out as EP. After 50min it is the headliner´s turn.

More photos in an online gallery, link info in the header
Impressive stage decoration, the Frei.Wild logos on the boxes are constantly fired at by pyros from the boxes. The first notes has the crowd go crazy: "Wir reiten in den Untergang". "Hoch hinaus" and "Frei.Wild". Philipp is in best form, Jonas sweats like hell after 2 songs, Zegga keeps in the background as well as Föhre, they both deliver a solid show. After welcoming the audience, they continue with "Wer nichts weiss, wird alles glauben" and " Feinde deiner Feinde ", the best song and title track of the new CD. Nobody keeps seated any longer, many dance to "Wer weniger schläft, Ist länger wach", and it´s hugging time when they play the epic "Unendliches Leben".

More photos in an online gallery, link info in the header
"Land der Vollidioten" opens the encore part. The audience was enthusiastic before, now hell breaks loose. It seems that every single one of 12.000 fans is singing along. Frei.Wild even go further, putting a spot on a banner “against racism”, and singer Burger declares his opposition to extremist ideologies, the audience chants “Nazis, out!” Then they continue with "Wir Gehen Wie Bomben Auf Euch Nieder", where "Gonzo" joins the band on stage. Once again the pyros and flame throwers from the boxes are fired, great effects, the audience goes nuts.

"Sieger stehen da auf, wo Verlierer liegen bleiben" is the final song, sung very emotionalloy by Philipp and supported by 12.000 Fans, a fiery rain and explosions – an unforgettable evening finds its end.
A great show, an energetic band where singer Philipp Burger sticks out, his performance is still as passionate as in the early days of the band. Also the visual aspect has nothing to wish for.

The editor: As STALKER.cd is very much opposing Nazi ideology, we woint to point at video statement of Frei.Wild singer Philipp Burger (in German):

Guido Wegener, transl. K.Weber

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