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Children of Bodom | Ektomorf | One Man Army and the Undead Quartet in Hamburg

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.cobhc.com
Datum / Date02 Feb 2006 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery COB_Ektomorf_OMA_Hamburg_2006 
Photos: Melanie Haack 

You hear an old lady complaining as she walks her dog on early evening in the inner city and she has to squeeze through masses of black-dressed, Metalheads and gothic girls who wait in front of Hamburger Markthalle. But as she gets some evil eyes she prefers to walk little Fifi on the other side of the street. The reason of this invasion is a true super Metal-highlight: „One Man Army“ meet „Ektomorf“ and „Children of Bodom“.

One Man Army, the Swedish killing Machine...

When the doors are opened, the masses storm the hall, eager to be as far in the front as possible. Fans don´t have to wait a long time, only one hour later One Man Army enter stage and heat up the crowd right from the start. And the fans don´t wait long either, they start banging their heads and turn the front into a quite dangerous Moshpit.

One-Man-Army-Fronter Johan Lindstrand knows exactly how to play the crowd, asking who would like to have a beer? A short moment of surprise among the fans, then everybody for one voice: „WE!!!“ No sooner said than done: A roadie drags sixpacks on stage and delivers them, sure that this energy-boost helps the crowd to cheer more enthusiastically. After half an hour the „Swedish Killing Machine“ leaves the stage, exhausted but happy, and also the audience appears to be quite satisfied. (JF)

Good, better, Ektomorf

After a break the Ektomorf guys storm the stage with a killer sound right away. No chance to warm up a bit. The Hungarians demand from their audience 100 % from the very beginning. In the meantime the Moshpit appears to be a huge trampoline, and some Metalheads appear slightly off-balance strolling off to the bar. Ektomorf´s singer Zoltan Farkas screams, sings, shouts, growls and groans with all his strength. Incredible that such a tiny person has such energy, and what´s even more amazing: how can a single human being put so many f... into his speeches. „This f... Song“, „You are f... great“, Give me your f... Hands“, „What the f...“, „Fuck the government“, F... F.. F...

One thing for sure, the audience is wax in Ektomorf´s hands, and no sign that this is „only“ a support-act. These guys did a great job and receive due respect, because enthusiastic fans scream for more after 1 1/2 hours, and they receive a huge encore – this is how it should be! (JF)

Wrecked, rough, huge – Children Of Bodom

Heated is not the right description of the crowd before the Bodom show, because the Sauna named Markthalle that was caused by Ektomorf, was slowly smoldering. With Alexi Laiho and his gang entering stage some more coals were put into the fire. And we could be kind of proud, because a member of One Man Army and an Ektomorf-member had worn a STALKER shirt on stage, and now we saw it on Henkka T. Blacksmith, and it truly looked good on him.

The fact that Alexi broke his toe and Henkka was affected by the flue had been told to me before, but you had never guessed, because the guys gave full power through their complete show with COB-classics. With only three songs from their new album „Are You Dead Yet“, being sang along by the audience like an old hit, the set provided plenty of room for hits like „Silent Night, Bodom Night“, „Follow The Reaper“, „Hate Crew Deathroll“ and „Lake Bodom“.

The program also contained a Keyboard intermezzo and a „guess what it is“ with drums and guitar, where Children Of Bodom proved their entertainer-qualities. This time frontman Alexi restrained himself from spitting on stage, because there was enough humidity dripping from the ceiling, so his stage-act wouldn´t even been noticed this time. By and large a great Bodom show, only the over-heated location sucked. (SA)

As we had snatched One Man Army and Ektomorf before their shows, you can check out the results at Stories – Interviews.

Jasmin Froghy (JF), Samira Alinto (SA), translation: Klaudia Weber

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