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Genre: Puzzle 
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment PS2 / PSP 
Web www.yourpsp.com/lemmings/
Datum / Date
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bereits erschienen / already released 

Before Worms there was Lemmings. Therefore it sounds almost natural that when the classic Amiga game is brought to Playstation, it´s done by the creators of Worms, Team17.

As a game Lemmings has always been a fun and easy to approach game for players of all ages and this luckily is still the case. But, except for the PS2´s Eye Toy function, there´s nothing really new about this version. The idea is to guide a heard of blind Lemmings through different levels of the game by using the Lemmings special skills to make the path. These include stuff like bridge builging, digging and explosives. Sounds simple, and to begin with it is, but the futher you go, the more precise your timing of actions must be.

But to be a serious competitor in the video gaming world today, you can´t rely only on nostalgia value. Lemmings biggest problem is way too simple, unintresting and untempting graphics. With this approach to visual aspects the more logical road to take for Team17, after last years PSP release of the game, would have been mobile phone gaming. The hazy backgrounds and the uncharacteristic Lemmings feel like a mockery of the processing power of the PS2. The gameplay itself is ok, but when nothing new is offered it´s just a blast from the past that you wouldn´t have missed that much anyway. You would have expected an inventive crew like Team17 to spice up the old favourite with over the top madness, especially for the PS2 version.

The only unique feature of Lemmings for PS2 is the Eye Toy function where the player uses his or her body for building the path. This however proves to be quite annoying as the crappy graphics too often make it impossible to find the right place and even when working properly the fun isn´t too long lasting.

As games like Lemmings are fast finding their way to the discount shelf, old fans of the game who want to relive the “good old days” might buy it for a trip down memory lane but for modern players Lemmings is definitely boring. Nostalgic charm for drunken nights but so is Worms… Always a better choise!

Sami Iivonen

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