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The 69 Eyes - Back In Blood Tour 2010

Stadt / City Esch-Alzette 
Land / Country Luxemburg 
Datum / Date08.03.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery 69eyeslux 
Photos: Cornelia Wickel 

It seems as if just recently some bands have discovered the existence of Luxembourg. How else could you explain, that you hear : "Itīs our first time here!" from various bands more often lately. Just about 10 days ago, Emilie Autumn played her first gig ever there, now the Finns of The 69 Eyes followed.
Because of that, I had expected this place to be really packed, but unfortunately only half of the Rockhal club was filled with fans, who were eager to see the Helsinki Vampires live.

I was arriving a bit too late and could hardly catch two songs of the opener Mandragora Scream. The Italians were already playing, when I entered and the audience was spread all over the hall, bar and merch area at that time. Judging from what I heard, one didnīt miss that much there, rather boring Gothic Metal, but the band however, was doing its best to get the audience into rocking mood.

After a short changeover, it was time for a band, that fitted much better to the Finns: Lacrimas Profundere. They had already been on tour together with the 69 Eyes in 2005 and thus I was happy to have a chance to catch this package again, after I had missed them back then. German Lacrimas Profundere entered stage and definitely managed to get more attention of the crowd. Optically, as well as vocally fronter Rob Vitacca resembled slightly of the 69 Eyes vocalist. When hearing the first tunes, I caught myself, that I remember, having mistaken them for being Finns, when I heard their stuff for the very first time some 10 years ago. Iīm still quite amazed, how unknown this band still seems to be to quite a lot of people, after all, theyīve been around for 17 years and 8 full-length albums. Itīs a pity, cause some of their stuff really rocks! However, their Gothic Rock worked fairly well, despite and audience that seemed to be extremly reserved. By now Iīm used to seeing audiences, that donīt move that much or donīt enthusiatically, but this was evern worse than normal. Older stuff like "Amber Girl" or "Ave End" or "My Mescaline" from the 2006 album "Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts" managed to get at least some people moving. The band however rocked, as if the crowd was going berserk, good job! One could assume, that thereīd even be some movement, screaming, whatever...but...nothing. Still putting the blame on the losely filled hall and them "just" being the support band, I hoped for things to change as soon as it was the headlinerīs turn.

Yes, hope dies last...
Another short changeover, the backdrops were already there and then it was finally time for the Helsinki Vampires, the allmighty 69 Eyes, to rock the crowd, who had just won the "Export" Award at Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy), back in February, for having sold almost 1 million albums worldwide. Great work, especially in times of decreasing record sales! Jyrkki and Co started off with "Back In Blood". Jyrki was almost dancing on stage from time to time, rocking and simply delivering a good show with his bandmembers. Even more amazing to hear, that the crowd still was everything but awake. No wonder, that the fronter couldnīt resist screaming "Youīre as silent as a grave, come on, let me hear you!", after he almost had to force some clapping and some slight hints of enthusiam out of the fans. "Gothic Girl" and "Betty Blue" followed and the Finns were rocking as if their lives were at stake, 20 years of RockīnīRoll and still rocking like crazy. They presented a solid mix of old and new songs, not caring about whether the crowd was sleeping or not, almost seems as if they thought, if they donīt rock, we rock even more. After a bit more than one hour and songs like "Dead Girls Are Easy" and "Devils", they went off stage. It took quite a bit, until the audience had obviously realised, that it was now time to cheer, clap and maybe cry for en encore. However, suddenly there seemed to have been some lightning that struck the crowd - "we want more!" shouts starts, some whistling and clapping and fi-na-lly, as soon as the vampires were back on stage, ready to present 3 more songs, the crowd was awake, really awake. Suddenly you could see lots of arms in the air and "Framed In Blood", "Brandon Lee" and the well-known "Lost Boys" got the attention it deserved.

After almost 1,5 h the Finnish lesson in Rockīn īRoll was over. I for my part was happy to finally have seen them live. It was a solid gig, with a band, that really put lots of effort in entertaining the crowd and leaving us back confident (almost, since I was really missing "The Chair"). That was surely not my last gig!

Setlist 69 Eyes:
Back In Blood / Never Say Die / The Good, The Bad... / Dance DīAmour / Lips Of Blood / Gothic Girl / Suspiria Snow White / Betty Blue / Kiss Me Undead / Wasting The Dawn / Feel Berlin / Hunger / Perfect Skin / Dead Girls Are Easy / Devils / Framed In Blood / Brandon Lee / Lost Boys

Cornelia Wickel

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