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Das rockt! Bekenntnisse eines Heavy Metal Fans

Author Moses W.  
Verlag / Publisher Oidium 
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(This book is only available in German)

So cool, finally a Stand-Up-Comedian who deals with the topic Heavy Metal! It´s quite astonishing that the output of comedy about this music genre is quite small, and often Metal-fans cannot really laugh about it. Here it is totally different, and the important difference might be: Author Moses W. (Wieczorek) has been Hardrock/Heavy Metal fan since age 12. Therefore no cliches like IQ-below-zero-leather-jacket-dudes, sleepwalking gothic girls or satan worshippers, or whatever is featured in popular media meant to represent “Heavy Metal fan”. This is real life. His own.

And indeed, this book is remarkable. I cannot recommend to read it somewhere while on public transport, because of its side-effects: sudden uncontrollable fits of laughter or giggling, and also hiccups and social condemnation, caused by those sudden uncontrollable fits of laughter. Only a fan can identify the genre´s absurdities to make good comedy out of it. And although Moses W. might be another generation, not so many things have changed since his childhood. Just check his analysis of True Metal, or his realistic description of a Metal fan´s daily grind. Even more fun are his Metal musician insights (“Language of Metal”). And now I can identify characteristics of potential partners according to the system they use to sort their record collection, thank you!!

There are a few lengths, especially when Moses turns a bit into a preacher, but otherwise it hits the bull´s eye! Highly recommendable!!

Klaudia Weber

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