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Der zweite Messias | The Second Messiah

Author Glenn Meade 
Verlag / Publisher Lübbe 
Vö/Release26 June 2010 
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544 pages

Content (sleeve info):
Yeshua HaMeshiah … Jesus the messiah. When the archeologist Jack Cane stumbles over those lines in an ancient papyrus manuscript, he expects a sensation. Is this the true biography of Jesus Christ? However, the text is incomplete. The missing parts are property of a powerful man. And this man will do anything to cover up the truth about the life of Jesus. Because this man is the new Pope.

The result:
I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about another Vatican thriller. This is a pretty trite topic, therefore I was anything than pleased when this book arrived. But after I had started reading the first few pages, I discovered that this is indeed a thriller which is worth to be read. Mead created a determined plot, only in the beginning it isn´t quite clear who is fighting against whom and for what. The characters are multi-dimensional and the style fluid, a pretty exciting book.

No reinvention of the wheel, but this Vatican thriller is easy-to-read and very exciting.

Samira Alinto

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