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Das Buch R.U.M.
Rockmusik und Malerei, Versuch über das Denken

Author Ralf-Dieter Abraham 
Verlag / Publisher VDM Verlag Dr. Müller 
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht / already released 

This book is only available in German language!
This is another example of a new literature genre, the scientific approach to the Rock- and Metal scene. Das Buch R.U.M., 188 pages, is definitely “no bullshit”: The author Ralf Abraham is himself a musician (guitarist), promoter and radio DJ. And just like a DJ he uses various “samples” to create a bigger picture. He explores the connection between Rock music, painting, the cultural history of the past 100 years according to cultural and sociological methods, e.g. interviews with painters and musicians, musicians´ and painters´ biographies, but also lyrics of Megadeth, Slayer etc, posters, record covers and the like – just like a DJ creates a playlist. Abraham takes us on the journey to discover why rock music stands for democracy, but he does not “explain away” everything, he rather offers inspiration for your own thoughts and interpretations. The result rather gives the impression of an “interesting conversation among friends” rather than “academic lecture”. In the author´s definition of culture there are no recipients, only producers/creators. Therefore this book can be interpreted as the literary version of a jam session, being as “straight-in-your-face” as a rock song, with the readers as active part of Abraham´s “attempt to describe the democracy of thoughts, the rebellion of music and painting.”

Klaudia Weber

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