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Mustaine: Mein wahres Ich / Mustaine: A Life in Metal

Author Dave Mustaine+Joe Layden (Andreas Schiffmann, Translator) 
Verlag / Publisher Harper Collins Publishers / Iron Pages Verlag 

Vö/Release17.6.2011 (dt. Version) 
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When I remember right, I have already mentioned somewhere here that for me Dave Mustaine is god, so if you expect to read a negative review, you waste your time. Not going to happen. And not only because I´m a Megadeth fan, but simply because this is a good book that I can easily recommend.

Why? Well, this autobiography of the Megadeth-mastermind, guitarero + vocalist is simply fun to read, easy and entertaining, as if you are listening to a very very long interview (yes, it is almost like you „hear“ the Master himself speaking); a very personal and candid report of a crazy rockstar life, with all the classic stories of sex, drugs (especially those) and rock´n´roll. Or better, Trash Metal, where Mustaine already secured his place in music history as one of its creators. Another chapter of music history, where his role might still be widely underestimated, concerns Metallica and his contributions to the birth of the band and their sound. (By the way, I did not require to read the book for this opinion; every hardcore-Metallica-fan I had argued with in all those years can confirm that...). Naturally, Lars&Co do not end up in the friendliest light... but actually Metallica´s own documentary had so much more „image-damaging“ effect than any of Mustaine´s snotty remarks...

Apropos snotty remarks, there are many of those, and pretty much about everybody Mustaine had worked with. But as merciless as he is with others, he is with himself and his actions; and very often Mustaine´s dark humour shines through and provokes several LOL moments. Here as example an excerpt of the cover text:

Impoverished, transient childhood? Check.
Abusive, alcoholic parent? Check.
Mind-fucking religious weirdness (in his case the extremes of the Jehovah´s Witnesses and Satanism)? Check.
Alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness? Check, check, check.
Soul-crushing professional and artistic setbacks? Check.
Rehab? Check (seventeen times, give or take).
Near-death experience? Check that one, too.

What´s left to say? For Megadeth-fans it´s a must anyway, also for everybody who is interested in Heavy Metal and its history. And it´s also a book for people who seek an exciting real-life tale about loss and gain, rise and downfall, life on the edge and how to find a balance - thus, a message of hope, beyond all this Heavy Metal/Rock scene craziness.

And maybe the one or the other Metallica-fan might also enjoy reading it, too.

PS: The book titled „Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir“ is identical with this one; just a different publisher (It Books)

Klaudia Weber

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