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Titel / Title Of Beatings And The Silence In Between 
Label Woodcut Records 
Total run time
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The term Chthonian originally comes from the Chtulu Myth, and a Chthonian is according to that a giant squid with tortuous, slime coated worm like bodies. Similar to that the Finnish trio wind their way trough 8 songs somewhere between high speed Death Metal and Black Metal in less than half an hour. The band of the Finntroll singer Mathias „Vreth“ Lillmåns, who is also working on the bass here, already existed 10 years ago but came together in this constellation in 2005 to forward things with ambition. “Of Beatings And The Silence In Between” sounds comparatively one-dimensional despite the big initial period. But nevertheless the debut should animate Old School Death Metaller and Black Metaller to bang their heads.

Matthias Lohse

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