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Last Winter

Titel / Title Under The Silver Of Machines 
Label Lifeforce Records 
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That the music business always frantically tries to create the “next big thing” or bid the actual trend to the end, is common knowledge in the meantime. And along with that comes a flood of publications that are less or more superfluous, we also know that. But sales drops are really caused only by the bad internet... Whatever, Last Winter are a Emo/College-Rock band from the boyband city Orlando that heavily sound like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or Panic!At The Disco, so they certainly will have some success in America. „Under The Silver Of Machines“ has 9 little and harmless tracks - nothing new, nothing what you haven´t heard from bigger calibres in some way. Unimportant record, you ask yourself who needs it.

Matthias Lohse

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