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Still Remains

Titel / Title The Serpent 
Label Roadrunner 
Total run time
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The instrumental opener of the CD, with the same name, indeed gives you the right mood for “The Serpent”: It´s melodious yet heavy, includes Death growls as well as clean harmonious choruses, proving to be ear candy... or: This sextet from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, sounds as if it was from Scandinavia. Produced by Steve Evetts (The Cure, Hatebreed) and mixed by Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head, ex-Soulfly guitars), who put all those Prog and Industrial elements into shape – this makes The Serpent stick out of the bulk of releases.
“Anemia In Your Sheets” might be a good example for the second Still Remains CD, where melodious choruses and brutal growls, powerful drumming, speed and epic parts are mixed to a catchy track. Ear candy are also “Stay Captive” and “Dropped From The Cherry Tree”, “Maria” begins like a ballad but turns into a System Of A Down-style monster ballad. “Dancing With The Enemy” and “Avalanche” feature danceable grooves a la Pain. So if you don´t get this CD, you definitely miss something. Thumbs up!

Klaudia Weber

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