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Titel / Title Cult Of The Dragon 
Label Dark Essence Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Black Metal, and from Norway, of course, beware! But what a positive surprise - drums sound like drums, not like a few pebbles in a tin box, guitars like guitars - there is a lot of hall effect on Hoestīs voice who sounds like puking his guts... and there are real songs, yet FAR away from the orchestral-epic Dimmu style, itīs more back to the genre roots. Deathcult remind me somehow of Venom, regarding the straight forward attitude and provocative song titles: "Sieg Hail Satan"... this song is an example for midtempo groove - a bit like those of label colleagues Aeternus - mixed into those mercyless blast beats that adds a lot of diversity. "Man Of Kutu" is my personal highlight, a great track featuring atmosphere and bestiality at the same time... Great debut of a band that has cult status already and some old stagers - Herr Ekkel (git) and Hoest (git, voc), both from Taake, Meistermann (b) and Thurzur (dr) - in the line-up. And, well, I admit I like it!

PS: I know about the Taake controversy, but I dislike prejudgement as much as Nazi shit. Unfortunately I donīt have any lyrics or more infos about the band to form an opinion. Comments are therefore welcome!

Klaudia Weber

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