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De Lirium´s Order

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Wow, this is indeed a catch for the new Finnish label Shadow World Records. The second CD of this quintet, recorded by Jack Tyger at Studio Perkele (Deathchain, Shade Empire, Barathrum etc.) has a lot to offer. Death Metal, yet not the melodious Scandinavian version – Old School meets Grind meets Thrash meets Groove, Growls in the style of Chris Barnes, blast beats, sick complicated guitar soli and complex song structures... the track „Panzram“ is a good example, or „Thy Flesh Consumed“ uniting almost all of the mentioned features. You can hear elements of classic Metal in „Ebola Instinct“, and the grand finale is a Carcass-Cover („Incarnated Solvent Abuse“), most likely a tribute to the Finns´ influences. And as band name, CD title and cover artwork suggest, De Lirium´s Order lyrics deal with traditional Death/Grind topics: The dark side of human existence, madness, torture and gore, yet – contrary to other bands in the genre – in a stylish tasty manner. In my opinion only the musician´s pseudonymes - S.M. NekroC, Lead Guitar, E.R. Insane, Drums, Dr. Lirium, Guitar, K.E. Pestilence, Bass, Infection, Vocals – are a bit too much. But great CD, and not just for genre fans!

PS: For a limited time only Shadow World offers a special fan package, check their website or the band site!

Klaudia Weber

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