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Titel / Title Reptile Ride 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time

The third album in 10 years band history, and there is another reason why Niko Kalliojärvi (voc), Ben Varon (guit), Juhana Karlsson (dr) und Silver Ots (guit) must feel like deja-vu: Even before the official release of „Reptile Ride“ they lost their bass player Erkki Silvennoinen because of his involvement in too many projects...

This CD must be a reason, though, why potential replacement candidates will queue in front of Amoral´s rehearsal room. Melodic Death Metal, Finnish style, but with the focus on Death Metal, including Thrash elements and Progressive Metal influences that make the band quite appealing („Snake Skin Saddle“). Rough Speed attacks („D-Drop Bop“) can be found, as well as more relaxed groove („Few And Far Between“), and even an instrumentaler track („Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fun“), pure Progressive Metal plus great hooks and powerful drumming. „Pusher“, the last song on the album, might be the best one, in my opinion, because Amoral include their whole range of creativity, and the vocals even feature something like melody, adding a hypnotic ear-candy quality. Well, the vocals seem on the whole CD length a bit too one-dimensional to me, but this might be just a question of taste. Nevertheless, thumbs up!

Klaudia Weber

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