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At Odds With God

Titel / Title Earning Damnation 
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Wow, this is all I can say. If you don´t read it in the band info before listening to the CD, you cannot even suspect that this is a woman growling – real brutal Death Metal vocals, as if she was puking up her guts. The next thing difficult to believe – this quintet (Nina Saile, voc, Diego Montoya & Alejandro Maya, git, Rob Stokes, b, Moises Lujan, dr) sounds so “European”, yet they are from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. That means, it´s like Swedish Melodic Death Metal regarding guitars & groove, sinister-lyric acoustic parts and epic bombast like Norwegian Black Metal, plus a portion of Progressive Metal which adds diversity. Therefore listening to “Earning Damnation” has you rather think of Sabbat, Aeternus or early Ulver than e. g. Six Feet Under – well, except for Nina´s voice. Simply great!

Hence I cannot believe – this band has no record deal yet??? Incredible!!!

The Florida address naturally brought a cooperation with legendary Morrisound Studios, Jim Morris (Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary) did the mastering. Therefore something else I don´t understand, why – for my taste – the voice is a bit too dominant, the guitars had deserved more power. Therefore “only”

Klaudia Weber

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