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Divine Heresy

Titel / Title Bleed the Fifth 
Label Roadrunner 
Total run time
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to DIVINE HERESY = Cazares, Yeung and Vext, put Bleed The Fifth into your CD player and let´s go... a long interval, and the reviewer sits in his chair, mouth wide open, gasping. Holy shit... this is going to be, no, this is the Metal CD of the year. This sound cannot be ignored. I had expected something of Dino´s new band, perhaps more shallow, commercial (see Roadrunner Allstars song The End). Yet I am relieved not to hear a Fear Factory copy but innovative masterful song writing. Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory) and his unique riffs, Tim Yeung´s (ex Vital Remains & Hate Eternal) incredible double bass attacks and vocals switching between violent growls and clean coolness by Tommy Vext, this makes a Divine Heresy album put into the right sound shape by producers Logan Mader (ex Machine Head, Soulfly) & Lucas Banker. The mixture creates this Divine Heresy sound, and naturally, there is some Fear Factory, but not too much. All I can say is – bye bye Fear Factory, hello Divine Heresy.

1. Bleed the Fifth
2. Failed Creation
3. This Threat Is Real
4. Impossible is Nothing
5. Savior Self
6. Rise of the Scorned
7. False Gospel
8. Soul Decoded (Now And Forever)
9. Royal Blood Heresy
10. Closure

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Marc Hoek, transl. K. Weber

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