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Sturm und Drang

Titel / Title Learning To Rock 
Label GUN 
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Sturm und Drang – that band name does not really suggest a Finnish Teen–Metal Band, but not everything with a German label contains something German. Yet with the first tones of their debut “Learning to Rock” the Northern origin is no longer to be hidden. The five guys from Vaasa have come for winning over the local Tokio Hotel fans and to lead them through defiantness right to the next level, because, against all expectations, Sturm und Drang seem much more grown-up compared to what we are used to by their contemporaries in music business in this country.

The young wild-ones locate their musical roots in the eighties. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and CO. are among their idols, a fact you won`t overhear in their own sound. Yet sometimes you do feel reminded of more modern, Northern tunes like Children of Bodom or Nightwish, what creates a very particular mood. Of course a Finnish band shouldn`t lack a twist of melancholy, a further point to check out from the list „how to become a famous Finnish Rock-star“, which the songs “Indians” and “Miseria” satify very well.

With this recipe for success Andre, Jeppe, Calle, Alexander and Henkka entered their national charts with „Learning to Rock“ at the No. 3, and they plan to gain similar attention in Germany via their first single release „Rising Son“. Let`s wait and see if the junior Rockers can teach German girls how to rock, because it is not only the Pisa study where Finnish youngsters get much better results!

Katrin Dietl

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