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Turbo A.C.’s

Titel / Title Avenue X 
Label Bitzcore 
Total run time
Vö/Release04 Apr 2005 
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Breathe, put CD in and let´s go.

Avenue X, the fifth album of those guys, provides a special roller coaster ride. Those New Yorkers produced this album themselves and sounds so powerful, yet so mature. Every song is a hymn and yet still with its own individual touch. No way you could feel bored with that. This album might be a soundtrack to the best road movie ever made, and the latter still had to be invented. The variety of instruments, that Punkrock often lacks of, has to be mentioned, too. Therefore “Magic Bullets” pleases with piano and firm guitars, “No Time” with a Pan-flute that sounds so different to inner-cities and Ponchos and offers a lot of wonderful tunes. Who doesn´t like this record hasn´t got anything about Punkrock right!

Diana Rammin, translation: Klaudia Weber

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