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Holy Racket

Titel / Title Anthems For The Doomed & Dazed  
Label Dambuster/ Cargo 
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Holy Racket from Sunderland, UK, have got together musically only in 2003, but its members are rocking the world in the name of Punk with different bands since the early 80’s and so on their new, aptly-titled record “Anthems For The Doomed & Dazed” the guys stay true to Punk in its most original form a la Sex Pistols and The Clash. 30 minutes sprinkled with cheery melodies for pogoing and pushing people. The album represents a best-of of the so far released, partly hard to obtain EPs and is a little foretaste of the soon-to-be-released second album of the band. In the light of what these days passes off as “Punk”, Holy Racket are a welcome change and a return to the roots of that rebellious, snotty genre. This is then not for people with hip Vans shoes, heart-skull shirts and fancy hairdos but for all, who wish back those good ol’ times. DEEESTTTROOOYYY!

Kathleen Gransalke

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