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Freund Hein

Titel / Title Chaos Immanent 
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I always enjoy mail from my home country Austria, and I can always guess what´s coming. 90 % of Austrian bands play Death Metal/Grindcore, mostly Old School style, and featuring slightly provocative lyrics with „forensic“ contents (e. g. Pungent Stench, Disastrous Murmur). 9 % play extremely brutal Black Metal (Belphegor), and only the rest shares the remaining Metal genres... Cover and booklet – witty cartoons showing the development of a band from the cradle to the highway to hell – convinced me that I had to expect Death Metal. Well, and I was basically correct, still Freund Hein surprised with rather Thrash sounds, staccato rhythms and vocals, and besides Death growls also clean melodic parts in the style of System Of A Down... classic Metal but also brutal noise attacks, decorated with fragile piano – this is indeed „progressive“ in the truest sense of the word. Despite „Trilogy“, a bit too far out for my taste, Hein (vocals), Glaso, (guitar), Hacke(bass), Hombre (piano) und PP (drums) offer here an interesting long play debut I can only recommend!

PS: Instead of „heartagram“ Freund Hein created their „manhoodagram“ logo – great!

Klaudia Weber

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