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Nasic, Sandra

Titel / Title Fever 
Label Sony BMG 
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Saying it right away, the solo material of Sandra Nasic has not much to do with the old band Guano Apes. Only a few heavy riffs or Rock beats remind of good old times, the opening sequence of ”Big City” might be deceiving... The German singer used the chance to experiment with her voice a bit more, to cross-over Alternative and Nu-Metal styles. Basically her songs let you think of 80s, Neue Deutsche Welle, Electro Pop or Industrial Rock that will fill the dance floors. In my opinion the chorus of ”Fever” isn´t really inspiring, but ”Name Of My Baby” is great ear candy – and the heaviest song on this MCD – containing riffs and snotty vocals, yet it is not quite representative for the upcoming album.

Klaudia Weber

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