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For Ruin

Titel / Title December 
Label Sentinel 
Total run time
Vö/Release15 Sep 2007  
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Irish Black/Death metal. This should be interesting! But... Unfortunately if you want to remain interested, don´t put this album on.
Founder John Murphy´s group doesn´t even seem to be playing the same song from time to time. It´s just an annoying mishmash of tedious guitar riffs, chaotic drumming and a wannabe screaming vocal, which mostly sounds like someone with a sore throat making a dirty phone call. The production sounds like a careless demo tape, which of course leads to one being even more confused when trying to make sense of the songs.
It would be easy to just blame the fact that Ireland doesn´t have the same extensive extreme metal culture like for instance Scandinavia, but unfortunately I just have to blame For Ruin for not getting it right on this one. “December” being their debut album there´s still of course hope that For Ruin finds some balance in what they are trying to achieve, but at least for now they are way lost.

Sami Iivonen

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