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Titel / Title Insidious 
Label Scarlet Records/SPV 
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The Dutch band has with „Phantom Limbs“ a promising opening, a great song mixing Prog, Thrash, Hardcore that hits you right in the face. Recorded in the USA, with Logan Mader (Machine Head) as one of the producers – therefore this debut album should be a smash...

Well, unfortunately the quality doesn´t hold up for the full length. Although the music itself is great: Wicked rhythms and weird riffs, sick solos plus Death Growls – a bit like Meshuggah – and in between softer, more lyrical elements, like acoustic guitar and clean intense vocals – yet something is wrong with the mixture. Progressive just for the sake of being progressive? This is the feeling I get listening e. g. to „Sweet Salivation“ with this somehow misplaced, just attached acoustic ending, and also this cello (?) in the introduction of the title track „Insidious“ doesn´t really make sense.

In my opinion the band is at its best when going aggressively straight forward into the Hardcore/Thrash direction, e. g. „Anemonic“, „Below“, „Evolutional Regression“ - those are all great tracks, yet not enough for an output remarkably above average.

Klaudia Weber

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