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European music from the USA – and obviously influenced by Scandinavian music... I knew it, Finland is going to conquer the world :D
The Finnish band that clearly god-fathered Dremora´s 4-track-demo is Nightwish in their Tarja-era, that means symphonic Heavy Metal with operatic female vocals (Juliana Novo, Brazilian soprano). And as with Nightwish, the mastermind is named Thomas (Kampert), but there all similarities end. Actually Dremora could rather be compared with 80s Norwegian Goth (e. g. Tristania). And the first two tracks indicate that this very young band – existing for about 1,5 years - still is in the process of finding their style. What this style could be, is already clear with “Fair Haven”, the best and most developed track, but also “Transcending God” shows the great potential. Dremora tries to unite 80s Thrash influences with symphonic Metal, which results in diversified music with soprano and growl parts, and actually this doesn´t sound like a demo any more... therefore I assume that we are going to hear more from Dremora pretty soon.

Klaudia Weber

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