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Black Daliah Murder, The

Titel / Title Nocturnal 
Label Metal Blade 
Total run time
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Also in 2007 the murder case of the „black dahlia“ will remain unsolved, but instead the guys from The Black Dahlia Murder from Detroit take us on a journey to the pitch-black abysses of the human soul. Especially vocalist Trevor Strnad does everything to make this trip as unforgettable as possible. Thus he switches, seemingly effortlessly, between death metal grunts and Cradle-like black metal shrieks, which at the beginning led me to believe that there must be at least two different singers at work. That performance alone would almost be worth the full 10 points. The whole thing is then rounded off with melodic riffs from one John Kempainen and the superfast drums of new arrival Shannon Lucas (ex-All That Remains). Altogether an great work of “nocturnal” art, which can even fascinate people who are not necessarily die-hard death metal fans. All thumbs up!

Kathleen Gransalke

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