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Titel / Title Ta Natas 
Label Det Germanske Folket / Blood Fire Death 
Total run time
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Black Metal from Belarus (White Russia) – this alone should raise attention and have you check out the band. Infestum was formed in June of 2000 by ex-members of the group Midgard and consists now of Skald (guitar), Ion (voc), Thorngrim (bass, synth), Burglar (dr) and the new additional guitar player Avesh. Their style followed from the very start rather the second wave of black metal, lyrical themes focused – as to be expected - on the personification of the darkest parts of the human subconsciousness. And this is the case also with their second record, where the virtuosity alone has Infestum stick out of the mass of releases. Brutality and blast-beats alternate with epic-melodic parts, and still it seems to be a successful whole. The groove of some tracks even has ear candy qualities (e. g. Legion In Me, Tem, Kto...), and Ion´s voice is as evil as Shagrath´s. Moreover, the cover artwork by Valdmar Smerdulak is excellent – thumbs up!

Klaudia Weber

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