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JANVS was born in 2003 in Italy as a solo project of Vinctor and remained as such for the 2004 debut album “Nigredo”. In 2005 Bass player Malphas and F. La Rosa (drums) joined JANVS, Vinctor kept handling guitars and vocals. The new album offers a Black Metal style that rather reminds of Vintersorg or old Ulver than e.g. Cradle Of Filth & Co., which means aggressive as well as melancholic and even solemn parts (e. g. the acoustic/instrumental piece Piume d´Arcangelo). The Italian lyrics are translated to English in the (beautiful) booklet. JANVS define themselves as Spiritual Black Metal: Conceptually the album is based upon the shattering of human limits and condition, upon the longing and temporary moments of transcendence. Despite the lyrical and vocal contribution by Argento, leaders and fathers of Italian Black Metal, the Italians lack a bit identity, a lot seems like “heard before” - but still an absolutely recommendable album.

Klaudia Weber

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