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Titel / Title Lux Noctis 
Label Massacre Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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So, can you decide how do you like your female metal bands better, with opera vocals or with clean rock vocals? Cannot choose – so throw them both in and there you have it – Coronatus. No men this time, so strictly female business. To my spoiled and picky gothic girl´s ear, the band is just balancing on the borderline between mainstream and something more underground, and I secretly hope that the later wins. Coronatus has a major potential, and seeing that they already have both kinds of female vocalists, there is not so much other variation possible in the future, so hopefully they will keep the opera, unlike many in the genre going for a more rock/pop sound.

The entire album is very promising and even the demo version stayed on my stereo´s repeat for a while, which happens very rarely, although a few tracks (“My Rose Desire”, “Hot & Cold”) I had to skip because the lyrics just did not match the melodies. Otherwise their very crafty combination of German and Latin languages certainly works with the symphonic elements and heavy riffs, and the choirs over it all create this entrancing church-like atmosphere. But then the band´s use of English lyrics is clearly is not as advanced as the others and this raw contrast makes it sound unfinished and rushed. The track that stroke my attention the most was “Dunkle Blume”, and in this style and this song´s sound I see becoming band´s core competence – dramatic yet powerful, sensual but constantly changing, like a gothic Siren, this song could beautifully stand among the dance floor favorites in German underground clubs along with Nightwish´s “Sleeping Sun” and Within Temptation´s “Ice Queen”.

The artwork just compliments the contents, so over all, very pleasant newcomer and I am definitely waiting to hear more and I suggest to follow this band´s progress as well.

Marina Sidyakina, transl. K. Weber

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