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Titel / Title Antinomie 
Label Restrain Records 
Total run time
Vö/Release19 Oct 2007 
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Well, the contents of "Antinomie", the new CD of the Black Metal Band Hyems (former Hiems) from German Hessen, is awkward for German Black Metal, which has to overcome many prejudices anyway.

Andreas Jäger´s voice sounds forced, sounding as if Daffy Duck tried to imitate Dany Filth, just unbearable. The rare wannabe-growls sound shallow and fake.

One point they get from me for their humour that must be behind rhymes like "freeze - tease - service".

The melodies are OK but slightly monotonous, and the production is quite good. Yet this is overshadowed by the bad singing and those even worse rhymes.

If you like weird humour you can buy this one.

Samira Alinto, transl. K. Weber

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