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Titel / Title Unio Mystica Maxima 
Label Scarlet Records 
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So straight from the cover artwork, it is practically like Dimmu Borgir´s latest album, only done in different coloring and other minor details altered, otherwise almost identical. So at first I even thought it was another edition or a demo of “In Sorte Diaboli”. Ok, it was not, instead we have a debut album from the Italian black metal band Malfeitor. Dark texts in Latin, fast drum beats and quality screams and growling – now we only need to assess the musicians makeup skills along with their dress-sense, and then their entrance test into the scene could be passed as “very satisfactory”. For the debut release, the Italians have delivered a lot more than a skeptic and experienced listener could expect. The sound is voluminous and thorough, with respect to all genre´s traditions, but at the same time not repetitive and predictable: very solid album and a very promising artist.

Marina Sidyakina, transl: K. Weber

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