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Nonstop Stereo

Titel / Title Solides Grundrauschen 
Label Rilrec 
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German-speaking rock music is a funny thing. Sometimes it works just brilliantly see Die Ärzte, Tocotronic who with certain plays of words know how to tap the full potential of the German language, but in most cases, though, you, as a German, wished you wouldn’t understand every word. Nonstop Stereo do German-speaking, slightly punky rock music with lyrics taken from life itself and with which you, as the average Joe could probably identify well but exactly this narrative style is the problem here. The delivery is monotonous, here and there slightly annoying, melody-free and oh so “punky” words as “arse”, “shit”, “fuck”, which are thrown in from time to time, don’t really contribute to boost the punk credibility either. And if even the press release reads “in the end Nonstop Stereo are of course only one of many bands” then this doesn’t exactly speak for the quality of the band. Therefore it’s rather “Stop Stereo!”

Kathleen Gransalke

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