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Titel / Title Two (Poverty) 
Label Metal Blade 
Total run time
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Wow, what´s that? The speakers are shattered with Old-School Thrash/Death, but it still sounds somewhat melodious and sort-of-ear candy (well, pretty spiky ear-candy)... Nate Olp (voc, bass), Ben Parrish (git), Scott Wilson (git) and Dustin Boltjes (dr) from Indianapolis, USA, present here the sequel to their 2006 debut “One (Hellbound)”. And obviously they had to work off a lot of frustration, caused by shitty jobs and perhaps too much time “on the road”, being on tour and/or playing shows with e. g. Dismember and Slayer. The opener “Never Enough Road” sets the tone of brutal Thrash that will continue throughout the whole album and keep the listener high-charged. Only the last (instrumental) track “Blackish Silver” with a rather Doom-Metal atmosphere gives you some time to breathe and your ears a chance to relax... and then you are ready for another round. Great album!

Klaudia Weber

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