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Titel / Title American Burnout 
Label Buzzline Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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„Man, shut the fuck up!“ It is rude, I know, but I mean it. „Joe Carpenter go home!“ Just to make a joke: I'd rather watch John Carpenter films!

John Carpenter is the singer and guitarist of the world famous band „Mezzanine“. With him there are Tuch, the bass player, and the drummer Troy King. Altogether the three play „The Cult featuring Kyuss“, but they try too hard and sound really pressed, that not even fusel oil does help.

The cover art is stolen from Green Day and if I hear „Yeaaah“ another time in a bad rock song, dear Joe, I am gonna stick your guitar completely in your muzzle – crossways! By the way Mezzanine are political. Seems to be hip right now. Probably as an opener there are soon crazy „Fuck Bush“ chorus, or something like that.

Ingo Karkhoff

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